Information Systems & Digital Business

Scientific excellence through interdisciplinary research on IT trends and digital business models in the Information Systems & Digital Business cluster.

The Information Systems & Digital Business cluster consists of the following institutes and chairs:

The cluster Information Systems & Digital Business addresses digitization, digital transformation and new technological trends. The focus is on the impact of digital technologies on companies, consumers and society. Digital technologies are relevant for all types of companies, from established corporations to medium-sized enterprises to startups.

The common goal is to explore which digital innovations are currently emerging, how they are changing the competitive environment and interaction with consumers, and how companies can systematically leverage them. Understanding and classifying digital technologies is the anchor of the cluster, focusing more on potentials for new approaches in value creation and management than on details of technical implementation.

Research focuses

  • Management of digital transformation
  • E-commerce
  • Start-ups in the digital economy
  • Digital advertising and platforms
  • Strategic information and IT management
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in companies
  • Data-based business models
  • Privacy on the Internet
  • Consumer behavior in digital markets
  • Digital innovations for different business functions and industries
  • Efficient and effective use of digital technologies
  • Sustainable use of digital technologies

Other clusters

The cluster focuses on accounting and auditing (Accounting), corporate accounting and controlling (Controlling), and business taxation (Taxation).

The ACT-Cluster der LMU Munich School of Management

The clusters work closely with the Centers of Excellence.