The Assistance Network

at LMU Munich School of Management: Assistants' Network SOM@LMU

We manage the academics

Our tongue in cheek description of ourselves is that we're the managers in the background who cover the academics' backs. Our network consists of great colleagues with very different experiences and backgrounds, but who all have one thing in common: We enjoy giving our best every day and holding all the threads together.

None of us is as good as all of us together

We initiated the Assistants' Network SOM@LMU in order to share best practices and exploit synergies between the institutes. To this end, we regularly exchange ideas in face-to-face and virtual meetings and also communicate in our Confluence Space, which we have expanded into a helpful online wiki for all questions related to our daily work.

An exciting article about our network (in German) can be found in the digital edition of the Faculty magazine Insights on page 51.

Our responsibilities

We are usually the first point of contact for questions from every direction and handle all the organisational and administrative matters of the institutes and professorships at the LMU Munich School of Management. The stakeholders we are in contact with include:

  • Students of the LMU Munich School of Management and associated faculties
  • LMU colleagues from the adminstrative and scientific teams
  • External partners from business, public services and academia
  • Applicants for positions at our institutes and chairs

Our key tasks

  • Design of the offices in which our teams work
  • Providing all the necessary working materials
  • Tenders for major purchases

  • Responsibility for the hiring process of new team members
    • Employment forms
    • Employment contracts and contract renewals
    • Onboarding, etc.
  • Support with visa and residence permit applications
  • Organization of all necessary employee accounts
  • Contact point for leave and absence requests

  • Annual budget planning for our institutes and chairs
  • Invoice processing and accounting of all costs
  • Third party management for research funds
  • Internal reporting of our finances

  • Business trip requests for national and international travel, or longer research stays
  • Travel planning and booking
  • Travel expense reports

Our additional topics*

  • Design and maintenance of the institute websites
  • Regular newsletter and social media posts to subscribers and followers of our institutes
  • Contact person for press inquiries and interface to the SOM and LMU press teams
    • Video portraits about our chairs
    • Interviews with our professors
    • Online and print articles about the publications of our institutes
  • Creation and revision of presentations

  • Course management for all courses in the LSF administration tool
  • Content management for teaching content on the digital teaching platform Moodle
  • Assignment of the semi-annual teaching evaluation
  • Room planning for attendance events
  • Organization of required teaching materials

  • Planning and organization of events, e.g.
    • Workshops for our teams
    • Events in cooperation with external partners from business and research
    • Courses for students
    • Events at the faculty, etc.

  • Responsible as institute administrator for various applications
  • IT and EDP procurement for our institutes
  • Coordination and cooperation with the Leibniz Computer Center (LRZ), e.g. for the operation of servers

*Responsibility for these additional topics varies by research institution and does not rest with assistants everywhere.

Our contact information

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Anyone who would like to become part of our network is welcome to contact the faculty and inquire about open positions or browse the job board online.

We are happy to welcome new colleagues who enrich our diverse network.