Stakeholders of the MMT

Read about our advisory board, industry partners, lecturers and former students.




Lecturers from LMU's Munich School of Management and Institute for Computer Science assist MMT in the development of tailored courses, applicant selection, and academic guidance for the program.


Advisory Board

Members of the MMT advisory board consult the program management in strategic questions:

  • Matthias von Alten, Senior Managing Partner (Gartner)
  • Wolf Ingomar Faecks, Board Member and Global Chief Executive Officer (Serviceplan Group and Group)
  • Christian Grodau, Chief Operating Officer (Messe München)
  • Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg, Global Head of Academic Alliance (Celonis)
  • Michael Greiner, Head of Department (Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art)
  • Dr. Katharina Herrmann, Member of the Executive Board (Hubert Burda Media)
  • Thomas Peruzzi, Chief Technology Officer (Virtual Minds)
  • Dr. Klaus-Peter Potthast, Head of Department (Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Region Development and Energy)
  • Timo Salzsieder, Chief Solution Officer/Chief Information Officer (Metro AG)
  • Dr. Axel Schell, Chief Technology & Transformation Officer (Allianz Deutschland and Allianz Technology)
  • Dr. Christoph Schroth, Vice President Digital Product Strategy (BMW Group)
  • Stefan Zant, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships (Sportradar)
  • Dr. Holger Feist, Managing Partner (The Nunatak Group)

What our board members think of MMT:

"Unlike your average business administration student, participants of the MMT Master's Program enter their professional lives with a multi-disciplinary background with expert knowledge in the areas of management and digital technologies. This unique triangulation of prevailing topics qualifies the drivers of the future of traditional as well as new digital business models." Stefan Zant, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships (Sportradar)

"Facebook, Vine, Netflix, Spotify, Snapchat – social, mobile, and data technologies drive new business models. What will be the next big thing? How will monetization work? The industry craves for experts with both the technological knowlegde and the management skills to grow vision to business." Dr. Marc Al-Hames, Chief Executive Officer (HolidayCheck AG)

"In order to lead the changing media industry and meet the chances and challenges of innovation, Burda is depending on highly motivated and educated experts with professional knowledge in the fields of management and digital technologies. This skillset enables the active participation in the formation and guidance of current and future trends and their utilization with new and innovative business models." Stefan Winners, former Board Member National Digital Brands (Hubert Burda Media)


Industry partners

MMT partners with the Internet Business Cluster (IBC), which is a joint initiative of LMU München and leading companies.

The IBC was founded in order to:

  • connect participating companies and university institutes on the predominant topics of the digital industry
  • promote practical research topics
  • bring students together with the relevant players in the digital industry at an early stage
  • strengthen the community at the location



Academic partners & participants

Following academic parties are participating in the MMT-Program:


Student testimonials

© Thu-Anh Vu

Thu-Anh Vu

Current Position
Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Co.

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"The MMT has not only given me the necessary practical tools and theoretical know-how for my career entry, but also the ability to work successfully with different stakeholders. The studies offered me enough opportunities to gain very practical experience in the digital environment. I would like to emphasize three points in particular:

1) Practical projects with different companies
Through the MMT I was able to get in contact and work together with different companies. I was able to learn early in my studies how to work out pragmatic solutions in a short time. It was always an exciting challenge to find the right communication internally with the professors and externally with the companies.

2) Theoretical basis in the field of digitisation
From blockchain to cloud products to transformation processes - in various courses I was able to gain insights into the most important digital technologies. As a consultant in the digital field, it is extremely helpful for me to benefit from this knowledge and to be able to use frameworks that I have already learned.

3) International environment
Dealing with customers and colleagues from different nations was the most valuable experience for me during my MMT studies. Due to the small number of students, the relationship was even closer than in other study programs. In many professional stiuations I was already able to benefit from this experience, as I have a lot of intensive contact with customers and colleagues from different origins."


© Paul Pizzinini

Paul Pizzinini

Current Position
Founder at Off Camper (previously CamperBoys)

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"During my MMT studies I founded the company CamperBoys together with a good friend. Although at first glance we follow a very analogous business model (camper rental with our own assets), we’ve won the Innovation Award of the German Tourism Industry in 2019. Thanks to MMT we learned how to put customer centricity at the core of our value proposition. Hence, we developed a digital travel assistant as a complementary service using prototyping techniques that were part of the MMT masters program. During my MMT studies I also learned the foundations of how to grow and manage digital businesses – within short time we scaled from one old shabby van to a fleet of 25 premium campers. Without the insights gained in the MMT programm this would not have been possible!"


© Oskar Hagedahl

Oskar Hagedahl

Current Position
Senior Data Scientist at Lassie

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"Studying the MMT at LMU has prepared me to work in interdisciplinary environments in several senses. Firstly, I gained a lot of theoretical and practical experience from the classes and projects covering both business-oriented topics, and technology-oriented topics. After the studies I felt strongly that I had learned more about business, technology, and the intersection between them.
Second, I learned to work in teams consisting of different people with different competences and ways of looking at problems. This has prepared me well for my future career, since both being interdisciplinary yourself and knowing how to work in interdisciplinary teams are both important skills. Finally, coming from abroad myself, I feel like the program and the time spent in Munich has developed me greatly as a person and taught me to work in international environments."


© Dr. Rainer Wittmann

Dr. Rainer Wittmann

Current Position
Managing Director at Telusio

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"After my bachelor’s in media informatics and my job as a software developer, I was looking for a master’s program to gain insights into the business and management side of the software industry. The MMT program at the LMU in Munich was the perfect fit with its focus on the intersection of management and computer science. The small class size, the international collegiate, interesting courses from various chairs and institutes and the close and personal contact to the lectures were the perfect environment to extend previous and gain additional knowledge. The intensive cooperation with Munich companies in project courses was the best way to apply knowledge in real world scenarios and additionally allowed me to establish a network of contacts in some of the most important companies in the internet industry. After I successfully graduated from the MMT program I was asked by one of the professors to join the PhD program in information systems at the LMU, which I’m currently pursuing. The MMT program was a perfect preparation for my current responsibilities and I have never regretted pursuing this path."


© Tim Ordenewitz

Tim Ordenewitz

Current Position
Lead Engineer at Personio

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"The MMT at LMU prepared me very well for my challenging current role in SaaS product development. Working with students from different backgrounds was the ideal foundation for the cross-functional product development at Personio. I learned a lot about all things tech, business & UX, and met inspiring fellow students who turned into friends."


© Daniel Hartl

Daniel Hartl

Current Position
Enterprice Customer Success Manager at MongoDB

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"Applying for the MMT has proven as one of the best decisions I could have made, both careerwise and personally. Coming from a business background with an entrepreneurial mindset and an affinity for technology and innovation, the MMT offered me the opportunity to develop my skills further and link theory and practice. While working together with my motivated classmates on hands-on, cutting-edge technology projects I was able to get inspired in almost all of the courses. The MMT helped me to start to look at what I learned in my bachelor’s degree from a new perspective and definitively contrasted me from other business students, which created special reputation for recruiters."


© Kevin Probst

Kevin Probst

Current Position
Head of Revenue Operations at Alasco

What did I gain from the MMT/what has the MMT provided for my career path?

"There is no doubt that the MMT has had a great impact on my personal and professional career. Especially due to the wide range of topics with a practical orientation, I am already familiar with many concepts - e.g. from the field of user experience or interface design to data-driven applications of artificial intelligence. In my opinion, this is an advantage compared to study programs that only deal with either economic or only technical issues in everyday business life."