Information for current students

Please find all necessary information for your time as a student.

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Course catalogues


This section provides you information on important dates, schedules and rooms for each semester. See LSF for further details.

More information about the process and deadlines to register for exams an seminars can be found at the ISC website.

Winter term 2023/2024

  • Interface Design (Seminar). See institute website
  • Interface Design (Proseminar).
  • Digital Innovation (Seminar). See LSF
  • Digital Innovation (Proseminar). See LSF
  • Electronic Markets (Lecture). See LSF
  • Electronic Markets (Tutorial). See LSF
  • AI for Managers (Lecture & Tutorial). See LSF

Summer term 2024

  • Software Development Project (Project Course). See LSF
  • Managing Digital Media (Lecture). See LSF
  • Business Project (Project Course). See LSF

Course Catalogue for Master in Management and Digital Technologies (PStO 2021) (PDF, 508 KB)

Course Catalogue for Master in Media, Management and Digital Technologies (PStO 2018) (PDF, 507 KB)

Important documents


Documents for the Master in Management and Digital Technologies (starting winter term 2021/22 or later)

Documents for the Master in Media, Management and Digital Technologies (starting winter term 2020/21 or earlier)

Any further questions? Please contact the counseling service for enrolled MMT students.

Master's thesis


Before the thesis:

  • Students must contact institutes to find a topic.
  • The topic selection process varies between institutes. Please read their websites carefully before applying. Some institutes require an exposé on the topic. This might lengthen the overall process.
  • Working with companies or other academic institutions is possible but requires a supervisor from the LMU.
  • The master’s thesis can be written at the chairs of the Munich School of Management. Furthermore, writing your thesis at an informatics chair is possible, but please discuss this beforehand with Dr. Birgit Bodenstein-Köppl and provide a concrete professorship with your inquiry.

During the thesis:


  • Please discuss specifics with your respective supervisor.
  • You may submit your thesis on the ISC website here.

MMT Master's Theses Briefing (PDF, 588 KB)

Jobs and internships


There are several exclusive resources where MMT students can search and apply for highly attractive jobs and internships, particularly in the Munich area:


The LMU offers several grants to students. If you are looking for scholarships during your master's, visit LMU's opportunities here.



General questions

For general questions related to the MMT program that are not addressed in our FAQs, please contact us via email:

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