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Before submitting your application please make sure you read both sections "Admission requirements & process" and "Frequently asked questions (FAQ)" carefully.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Non-binding eligibility assessment of suitability of bachelor education for application to the MMT

To have your eligibility assessed, you must fill out an Excel Template with the courses that count toward your specific minor. The required Excel Template can be downloaded here (XLSX, 12 KB). Only if you complete the contact form with all information, including the transcript and Excel Template, will an eligibility assessment be performed. Please keep in mind that we will not respond to incomplete inquiries.

Please note that this assessment is not binding and is only of indicative nature, to highlight any insecurities with courses and provide you with the potential to gain additional ECTS in other ways. If you do not fully fulfil the ECTS requirements for your minor yet, we can also provide you with explicit opportunities to collect more ECTS, counting towards your business or informatics minor.

Please also review the application requirements in advance! A minor in either business or in informatics (depending on your major) is binding. Please also refer to the FAQ section to get a better insight on what counts towards the minor, how to convert your grade into the German grading system or how to present your credits in ECTS. Practical experience cannot be considered.

Eligibility assessment form