Management & Strategy

Scientific excellence through interdisciplinary research as well as strategies for success and management expertise in the Management & Strategy cluster and Human Resource Education & Management.

The Management and Strategy cluster is composed of the Professorship for Strategic Organization Design (Prof. Jörg Claussen), the Institute for Leadership and Organization (Prof. Dr. Martin Högl), the Institute for Strategy, Technology, und Organization (Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer), the Professorship for International Management (Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer), the Institute for Strategic Management (Prof. Dr. Anja Tuschke), and the Institute for Human Capital Management (Prof. Dr. Ingo Weller).

Research and teaching in the cluster aims to explain how organizations and their employees can operate successfully in a complex and dynamic strategic environment. The focus is primarily on people as the critical individual and collective actors of the current and future organizational reality.

Professorship for Strategic Organization Design & Institute for Strategy, Technology, and Organization

At the Professorship for Organization Design and the Institute for Strategy, Technology, and Organization (ISTO), strategy, organization, and technology meet: What does digital transformation mean for business? What are the implications for a company’s strategic management? Which organizational structures enable innovation and sustainable competitive advantage? At the ISTO, we are trying to gain insights into questions like these. The ISTO’s curriculum revolves around teaching these strategic and organizational issues together with a solid theoretical foundation and extensive methodological knowledge.

Institute for Leadership and Organization

Successfully leading a company also means leading people successfully. The Institute for Leadership and Organization (ILO) focuses on central aspect of the human side of business, particularly in the areas of leadership, organization, and innovation. Our research aims to make a significant scientific contribution to solving problems of practical relevance. Our teaching provides evidence-based insights, sparks critical discourse, and aims to enable the development of personal leadership competencies.

Professorship for International Management

The Professorship for International Management explores the human factor in our globalized work environment. In research and teaching, Prof. Tenzer and her team focus on cultural and linguistic diversity, teamwork, leadership, and human resource management in multinational companies.

Institute for Strategic Management

Research at the Institute of Strategic Management (Prof. Dr. Anja Tuschke) lies at the intersection of Corporate Governance, Strategic Leadership, and Strategic Decision-Making. We are particularly interested in the successful design of governance structures as well as their influence on the behavior and decisions at the top of the firm. Our research follows a quantitative, empirical approach, aiming at providing evidence-based insights. Our teaching aims at familiarizing students with topics in Strategic Management and enabling them to take on responsible positions, for example, in the areas of strategic management, consulting, and corporate development.

Institute for Human Capital Management

Teaching and research at the Institute for Human Capital Management takes place at the interface between strategy and organizational behavior. Using archival and survey data as well as experiments, Professor Weller's team analyzes how HR policies and practices influence employee behavior (performance, turnover), firm metrics (economic success, ESG) and beyond (e.g., the national gender pay gap). Research at the Institute for Human Capital Management aims to contribute to a better understanding of socially relevant problems and is reflected in the institute's teaching.