Management & Strategy

Scientific excellence through interdisciplinary research as well as strategies for success and management expertise in the Management & Strategy cluster and Human Resource Education & Management.

The Cluster Management and Strategy consists of the following institutes and professorships:

The cluster teaches and researches how organizations and their employees move in a complex and dynamic strategic competitive environment. The focus is primarily on people as individual and collective actors in current and future corporate reality. Find out more about the research areas of the individual institutes:

At the Professur für Strategisches Organisationsdesign und dem Institut für Strategie, Technologie und Organisation (ISTO) strategy, organization, and technology converge: What does digital transformation mean for companies? What implications arise for a company's strategic management? What organizational structures must be in place to enable innovation and sustainable competitive advantages? The ISTO researches these questions. Teaching at the ISTO revolves around conveying these strategic and organizational issues along with a solid theoretical foundation and extensive methodological knowledge.

Successfully leading a company means, above all, leading people successfully.The Institut für Leadership und Organisation (ILO) deals with central aspects of the human side of companies, particularly in the areas of leadership, organization, and innovation. The aim of our research is to make a significant scientific contribution to solving practical problems. In teaching, we convey evidence-based content to our students, encourage critical discourse, and thus aim to contribute to the personal development of leadership skills.

The Professur für International Management (Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer) deals with the human factor in the globalized world of work. Research and teaching focuses on cultural and linguistic diversity, teamwork, leadership and human resources management in multinational companies.

The research at the Institut für Strategische Unternehmensführung (Prof. Dr. Anja Tuschke) is located at the intersection of corporate governance, strategic leadership, and the success of strategic decisions. In addition to questions in the areas of top management teams and supervisory boards, we are particularly interested in the successful design of leadership and control structures and their impact on behavior and decisions at the top of the company. Our research is empirically oriented, with the aim of deriving evidence-based statements. Our teaching aims to provide students with the necessary tools for responsible work, for example in the field of management, consulting, and corporate development.

The teaching and research at the Institut für Personalwirtschaft (Prof. Dr. Ingo Weller) take place at the intersection of strategy and organizational behavior. Using archival and survey data as well as experiments, Professor Weller's team analyzes how HR measures affect employee behavior (performance, turnover), company indicators (economic success, ESG), and beyond (e.g. gender pay gap). The institute's research aims to contribute to a better understanding of socially relevant problems, which is reflected in its teaching.

The Human Resource Education & Management department is assigned to the Management & Strategy cluster. The following institutes belong to this area:

The Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik is dedicated to researching and developing educational processes related to economic and business topics. It combines insights from the fields of education, psychology, sociology, and business administration, and is aimed at students, teachers, researchers, and education practitioners in the business sector.

The Professur für Human Resource Education and Development focuses its research and teaching on labor market, vocational education, and personnel economics, as well as on the study of educational processes and programs related to human resources (HR) and personnel development. In doing so, insights from various disciplines such as education, psychology, business administration, and sociology are integrated.


The cluster focuses on accounting and auditing (Accounting), corporate accounting and controlling (Controlling), and business taxation (Taxation).

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The clusters work closely with the Centers of Excellence.