Involvement of practice partners

Seminars with added value

As important as it is to shed light on an issue at the theoretical level, it is much more exciting to work on topics that are of relevance to practice. Therefore, in various seminars, we offer partner companies a stage to pitch real issues that are being investigated by students.


  1. Project Course ADAC
  2. Project Course ADAC
  3. Project Course ADAC
  4. Hauptseminar feat. In A Nutshell
  5. Hauptseminar feat. In A Nutshell

Extract of past practical seminars


Summerterm 23: Hauptseminar feat. In A Nutshell

This semester, the Institute of Marketing's advanced seminar "Recent Issues in Marketing Research" is entering into an exciting partnership with the renowned Munich-based communications agency "In A Nutshell". The focus of the seminar is the topic "German medium-sized businesses (SMEs) on LinkedIn", which will first be examined by the students from a scientific point of view, followed by a content analysis of 1000 LinkedIn profiles of German SMEs. Prof. Sarstedt emphasizes the importance of this partnership: "The collaboration with "In A Nutshell" enables our students to combine their theoretical knowledge with concrete data and insights from practice. By analyzing the LinkedIn activities of German SMEs, we can gain exciting knowledge and derive valuable implications for marketing."

Winterterm 22/23: Project seminar together with ADAC

The project course is designed to give students the opportunity to use their theoretical knowledge to answer questions of practical relevance. In the last winter semester, for example, the students developed a marketing concept for the practical partner ADAC. The goal of this concept was to increase the perception and awareness of ADAC among Generation Z and to find out the preferred communication channels as well as the attractively perceived offers of ADAC.

Summerterm 2023: START with Business Modelling

During the START with Business Modeling course, students develop a business model in cooperation with startups.

In the 2023 summer term, for example, bachelor students developed a business model for big little things, gutfeel and visonation.

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