Directory of persons

Here you will find an overview of the team of the IUC.


Prof. Dr. Christian Hofmann

Head of Institute - Dean

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Ulrich Küpper


Academic Director of the Bavarian Elite Academy

Prof. Dr. Matthias J. Rapp

Honorary Professor

Applied Financial Management

Prof. Dr. Andreas Georgi

Honorary Professor (Emeritus)

Management and Control Problems of Companies


Kornelia Samlan

Assistant to the Head of Institute

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+49 (0) 89 / 2180-6892

+49 (0) 89 / 2180-13550

Habilitation Candidates

Dr. Nina Schwaiger

Academic councilor and habilitation candidate

Institute budget, HiWis, PuCnet

Dr. Hoa Ho

Courses: Performance Measurement and Incentive Systems

Scientific Staff and PhD Students

Konstantin Flassak, MBR

Research Assistant / PhD Student

Anna Kölle, B.A.

Research Assistant / PhD Student

Sebastian Kuhn, M.Sc.

Research Assistant / PhD Student

Kai Moßmann, B.A.

Research Assistant / PhD Student

Victor Schauer, MBR

Research Assistant / PhD Student

Qishu Shen, MAppFin

PhD Student

Jan Rössner, B.Sc.

Research Assistant/PhD student

Former PhD Students

  • Dr. Martin Viehweger, “Controlling in Challenging Times: Emphasizing the Innovation and Adaptation Function”, 2023
  • Dr. Rafael Zacherl, “A New Era of the Corporate Information Environment: Decision-making in Light of Sustainability and Social Media”, 2023
  • Dr. Christopher Lechner, "Non-Financial Preferences, Performance Evaluation, and Incentive Systems", 2022
  • Dr. Julia Katharina Haag, "Essays on Corporate Disclosure and Information Intermediaries", 2021
  • Dr. Nina Schwaiger (geb. Kühne), "Essays on Norms, Corporate Governance, and Firm Behavior", 2018
  • Dr. Moritz-Bernhard Krebs, "Performance Targets and Managerial Incentives", 2016
  • Dr. Debbie Bernadette Claassen, "Essays on Board Characteristics, Compensation, and Accounting Choices", 2016
  • Prof. Dr. Viktoria Diser, "Essays on Relative Performance Evaluation", 2016
  • Prof. Dr. Sara Bormann, "Essays on Relational Contracts and Subjective Performance Evaluations within Firms", 2015
  • Dr. Daniel Kaiser, "Essays on Frictions in Negotiated Transfer Pricing", 2012