Strategic Communications


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2 - 4 hours lecture per week
workshop sessions
Prof. Dr. Manfred Schwaiger
1-hour written exam (50%)
Attendance, participation, role play, presentation (50%)
Contact Person:
Sandra Baringhorst


In general, this course is divided into two complementary types of sessions, of which both are designed to deepen students' knowledge of different types of communication levels and styles. The corporate communications level will be covered by the lecture, whereby students learn how companies use communications to implement strategy and achieve competitive advantages. To reach these goals, we will examine several cases, readings, and/or films that will help students to understand how corporate communications relate to general stakeholder management in a firm. Communication on an individual level will mainly be covered within the workshops. The practical sessions are designed to teach students the theory and processes of negotiations as it is practiced in a variety of settings (Harvard Principles of Negotiations). Hereby, the course will cover a broad spectrum of negotiation problems that managers face. It will allow the participants to develop a broad array of negotiation skills experientially. Considerable emphasis will be placed on simulations, role-playing, and cases in this section as well. It offers a practical and psychological exploration of the major concepts and theories of bargaining and negotiation. Therefore, the main aim of the course is to provide students with the necessary tools and strategies to further improve their personal negotiation skills.

Aim and Objectives

  • Understand how companies manage stakeholder relations by means of corporate communications
  • Internalize useful strategies to win daily negotiation battles
  • Develop a sensitivity to understand and implement situation-based communication
  • Acquire tools and strategies to further improve your personal negotiation skills


The course is for International Triple Degree (ITD) students only. The course comprises a weekly 2-4 hour lecture and workshop sessions.