In our research, we combine a clear focus on the core topics of HRM with global, current trends and quantitative methodological expertise. Where science meets practice!

Topics and focus

Our research revolves around the topics ”Strategic HRM“, ”Performance Management and Compensation Policy“ and ”Matching and Talent Management“. With the right people in the right place at the right time, strategy, performance management and compensation can unfold their intended effect.

Cross-cutting issues: Digitalization and social responsibility

Our research addresses two global challenges and ”cross-cutting issues“: the digital transformation and the increasing relevance of responsible management. We analyze the importance of sustainability aspects as part of corporate strategy and the impact of regulatory approaches, e.g., on the transparency of compensation systems.

Practical relevance, seriousness and impact

Our research is practice-relevant and rigorous. It is supported by renowned research funding institutions, such as the German Research Foundation. We publish our results in the best management journals in the world such as: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Discoveries, Academy of Management Annals, Journal of Management, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology.

Methodological competence and practical cooperation

Science is not defined by content, but by methods. Our work is based on large-scale survey data, archival data, and experiments. We impart practical methodological competence under the label ”People Analytics“; we also conduct methodologically sound contract research. We look forward to your cooperation request!

Funded Research Projects

Funded research projects