Bachelor in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at the LMU Munich School of Management

At a glance

Business Administration
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Language of instruction
German and English
Standard period of study
6 semesters
Winter semester
Local admission restrictions. For more information, please visit the pages of the Office of the University Registrar.
Application period
Application dates and deadlines
Online application
Within the application period in the Online portals provided by the Office of the University Registrar

Brief introduction

Bachelor Business Administration

The Bachelor's program at the LMU Munich School of Management is a full-time course of study over six semesters, during which 180 ECTS credits are earned. The program offers you a scientifically sound and long-term sustainable basis for your career path. The program teaches you both business and economic aspects as well as methodological and communication skills. Subjects include accounting, finance and human resource management. The international focus and the numerous practical partners support the practical approach that accompanies your studies. Through our network of partnerships with universities worldwide, we are happy to support your study abroad. The Bachelor's program is certified and meets the highest quality standards. It systematically prepares you for the challenges and requirements of the job market or a career in science.

Detailed information on the structure and the individual courses can be found on the ISC website (in German). Here you will also find the current examination and study regulations, forms and a FAQ section.

What to expect from us

We look forward to working with you and training you. You are one of our future students and have a very good high school diploma. This is the basic requirement. Additional positive qualities we hold in high regard are your enthusiasm, interest, openness, self-discipline and self-organization as well as a good measure of curiosity, with the courage to accept and face challenges.

If you study business administration at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, you will need and develop all these skills. We are not a small university, as we are one of the "big players" in Europe. This means that you will be sitting in a lecture hall with several hundred fellow students. But it also means that you have the opportunity to meet many new people and to gain advanced knowledge beyond your own horizons by discovering the wide range of courses offered by a real university.

The professors and lecturers at LMU Munich School of Management are ready to educate, challenge and support you at the highest level. International guest lecturers who come to Munich every year will provide you with insights into international research and give you the opportunity to learn about new ways of thinking. Due to the excellent networking with industry and business, you will get to know renowned guest lecturers and honorary professors, who will help you establish the link between the material you have learned and the world of practice.

Preparing your future together with you and training you well for your future career is not always an easy path. The amount of material - unlike perhaps in school - is large and demanding and in addition to working at the university and with the lecturers, you will have to acquire information yourself. For your personal career, this path is worthwhile. Well-known companies are pleased to have successful graduates from the LMU Munich School of Management.

And last but not least, you will benefit from the excellent quality of life in Munich - whether it is leisure opportunities such as sports, culture or nightlife, or the great working conditions during and after your studies - the Bavarian capital is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing cities in Europe. The location of the university in the heart of Maxvorstadt directly next to the English Garden could not be better.

Every year, the Dean of Studies, Prof. Manfred Schwaiger, presents the Bachelor of Business Administration program to prospective students. Presentation Bachelor of Business Administration 2024 (in German) (PDF, 2,267 KB)

After your studies in business administration at LMU Munich School of Management, you will have a wide range of perspectives depending on your individual focus and competencies. Let us inspire you with some ideas here:

  • Typical fields of activity in the area of marketing and strategy are product management, public relations, advertising agency work, market research, strategy, customer consulting, sales/distribution, logistics, and purchasing.
  • In the area of accounting/taxes, activities in tax consulting, auditing, controlling, liquidity and balance sheet management, auditing or supply chain management are possible.
  • You can apply your skills in the area of financing, for example, in the finance department, in banking, on the stock exchange, in insurance companies or in mergers & acquisitions.
  • Diverse and increasing fields of activity can be identified in the area of digital business and innovation. Typical examples are electronic commerce, fields of application in business informatics or new media, technology management, Big Data or even as Chief Digital Officer.
  • The field of health economics opens up a broad field of activity in the area of health insurance and hospital management.
  • In the broad field of human resource management, many activities can be found, for example, in personnel controlling, personnel development, personnel administration, organization, training and continuing education, and as a teacher in vocational schools.
  • Across the board, exciting fields of application can be found in areas such as management consulting, change management, management assistance, in the area of self-employment or in resource management.

Specialization Possibilities

The following specializations (elective areas) are offered in your bachelor's degree program in business administration, from which you choose two:
This specialization provides advanced knowledge of research and practice in the field of external and internal accounting. In the field of external accounting, this includes the preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements and auditing in accordance with international standards, as well as company analysis and valuation based on information from annual financial statements. In the field of internal accounting, the primary focus is on the conception and tasks of controlling on the basis of the available controlling instruments and the subsystems of management-oriented corporate accounting.
More information at the Accounting Cluster
Business Taxation
In this specialization, the focus is on conveying knowledge in selected areas of corporate taxation. Of central importance is the teaching of fundamental principles; in addition, current problems from science and practice are dealt with in depth on a case-by-case basis.
More information at the Accounting Cluster
Finance & Insurance
With this specialization, a thematic focus can be placed on financial and insurance-related issues. Central scientific explanatory approaches and findings are always linked in the individual courses with practical application examples and current developments. In addition to questions at the corporate level, the focus is on capital and insurance markets as well as behavioral science topics. Further focal points are financial and insurance products as well as aspects of risk management.
More information at the Finance & Insurance Cluster
Marketing & Strategy
The focus is on the analysis of companies as well as the development and implementation of strategies to achieve sustainable competitive advantages in a globalized world. Based on a critical discussion of essential instruments for corporate analysis, the planning and evaluation of business and corporate strategies are considered against the background of respective economic developments. In addition, the central concepts and theories of strategic marketing are taught and illustrated with examples and cases.
More information at the Cluster Marketing & Innovation Management and at the Cluster Management & Strategy
Digital Business
Digital technologies are leading to fundamental changes in products and processes, organizational and management concepts, markets and value chains. The Internet plays an important role in this. In this specialization, the fundamentals of marketing products via electronic media will be taught on the one hand; on the other hand, the entrepreneurial use of digital media will be addressed. In terms of content, economic and technical basics as well as concrete business solution concepts are taught here.
More information from the Information Systems & Digital Business Cluster
Technology & Innovation
The primary focus is on the question of how ICT (information and communications technology) industries differ from "classic" industries and what challenges this poses for corporate strategies and political actors. Secondly, the course provides an introduction to the fundamental economic and business theories in the field of innovation research. In addition to the teaching of theoretical principles, the focus is on the application to concrete issues of corporate management.
More information at the Cluster Marketing & Innovation Management and at the Cluster Management & Strategy
Strategic Organization
The focus is, firstly, on questions of value creation through "people management", covering current research along various personnel functions. Another focus is on questions of organizational theory and strategic management, with particular emphasis on the interaction of both fields and their application to issues of corporate management.
More information at the Cluster Management & Strategy


How high is the numerus clausus (NC) for the bachelor's degree programs in Business Administration and Business Education?

The NC is recalculated every year and depends on the number of applicants for the study program:

  • Winter semester 2023/2024: 1.9 for Business Administration, 1.9 for Business Education I and 2.7 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2022/2023: 1.9 for Business Administration, 2.2 for Business Education I and 2.6 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2021/2022: 2.3 for Business Administration, 2.3 for Business Education I and 2.7 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2020/2021: 1.8 for Business Administration, 1.8 for Business Education I and 2.4 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2019/2020: 2.3 for Business Administration
  • Winter semester 2018/2019: 2.2 for Business Administration, 1.9 for Business Education I and 2.4 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2017/2018: 2.1 for Business Administration, 2.3 for Business EducationI and 2.7 for Business Education II
  • Winter semester 2016/2017: 1.9 for Business Administration and 2.1 for Business Education

Is a semester abroad compulsory for the Business Administration or Business Education degree programs?

A semester abroad is not mandatory, but recommended. In the Bachelor program the fifth semester is a suitable time for this. In the Master's program, the third semester would be preferable. The faculty has a large network of partner universities worldwide and can assist in finding a suitable university. Find out more about this at the IRC.

Is an internship mandatory?

An internship is not a mandatory component of the degree program. However, it is recommended for during the semester breaks. When looking for a suitable internship, we can support you with the Alumni Management (in German) central career platform and job exchange Jobworld (in German).

Are the courses in German or English?

In our Bachelor and Master programs there are courses in both German and English. Our Master programs Master Management and Digital Technologies (M.Sc.), Management - European Triple Degree (M.Sc.) and Management - International Triple Degree (M.Sc.) are purely in English.

Further questions about the examination and study regulations or other questions about the course?

We have compiled for you some FAQ-Videos (in German) on frequently asked questions regarding the Bachelor degree programs.