LMU Munich School of Management

Individual focus

The LMU Munich School of Management is one of the most diverse and renowned faculties of business administration in the German-speaking world and has an international orientation. The modular structure and the variety of courses offered at the LMU Munich School of Management enable you to tailor the content of your study to your own interests and combine the elective subjects according to your individual focus.

Studying at the LMU Munich School of Management

Studying at the LMU Munich School of Management opens the door to many opportunities. Business administration is one of the most popular subjects and with a degree, nothing stands in the way of your personal career. Excellent research and teaching, plus the fascination of the "cosmopolitan city with a heart" and plenty of practical application all ensure your time studying at the LMU Munich School of Management is an important building block in your life.

Main building and Geschwister-Scholl-Platz from above

Important contacts for the start of your study

The LMU Munich School of Management provides its students with several contact points for information and support to shape their studies individually

Important contact points during the study

Information and Service Center for Students (ISC)

The ISC is the number one contact point for all students: it advises on study and examination matters, provides information on examination-related changes in teaching, manages registration procedures for examinations, processes applications for extensions of deadlines and recognitions, etc.

Informations- und Servicecenter für Studierende (ISC)

Careers & alumni

Jobs, events, career advice & service, alumni network, partnerships and the Alumni Association.

Career & Alumni

Promotional schemes

The LMU Munich School of Management has various promotional schemes available for dedicated students.

Three students in conversation

Student life

Life outside of the university is also part of studying. The lifestyle in Minga!

Student life

Diverse. Excellent.LMU

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