for our high-performing bachelor students

Our TOP-BWL-Program

The TOP BWL Program of the LMU Munich School of Management is a partner program for the best-performing Bachelor students of a year in cooperation with the LMU Management Alumni network and exclusive companies.

The goal of the program is to intensify the cooperation between academia and practice, to promote business research and teaching, and to network with each other.

Students receive a company-related education with an additional qualification and can build their career network at an early stage. To this end, they are given the opportunity to participate in workshops, regulars' tables and leadership seminars free of charge.

Connecting outstanding students with outstanding companies

Selected companies present themselves and their know-how to students in individual workshops. The fine circle of exclusivity offers students direct access to selected companies in workshops and (virtual) contact events with impulse lectures, case studies, company stands and informal get-togethers.

Students receive direct science-to-practice transfer through the teaching of skills & tools such as presentation techniques, processing of case studies, etc.

Released CVs of TOP BWL students can be forwarded to the desired companies with career ideas and areas of interest for a direct and uncomplicated contact.The partner companies are available throughout the program to advise on questions about internships and career entry and inform students regularly about vacancies and possible career paths.

A TOP-BWL-Program for our high-performing bachelor's students

The selection of students of the Bachelor of Science Business Administration and Bachelor of Science Business Education programs, takes place twice a year based on their performance in the pre-semester. 80% of the students are selected on the basis of their grades, about 20% of the participants are invited to take part in the program on the recommendation of the chairs.

The selected students will be placed on the Dean's List (the Dean's list of outstanding students in the Faculty of Business Administration) and invited to participate in the TOP BWL partner program for the next two semesters.

Criteria for admission to the Dean's List and to the Top-BWL-Program

  • Students are among the approximately 10% with the highest grades in their cohort.
  • The average grade on the respective cut-off date is decisive.
  • At least 50 ECTS and no more than 140 ECTS have been achieved and an average of at least 25 ECTS per semester.

Students are invited to participate in the TOP BWL program for the next two semesters. There is also the possibility that the program participation will be extended by continued very good performance.

Invitations to participate in the TOP BWL program and confirmation of inclusion in the Dean's List are usually sent in late March/early April and late September/early October.

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Which companies are involved in the TOP-BWL partner programme?

As a company, you are interested in cooperating as a partner with the LMU Munich School of Management and the LMU Management Alumni network - we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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