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We offer basic and in-depth courses on how to use digital technologies in companies, targeted at future managers and entrepreneurs. In addition to an economic and technical grounding, we also provide up-to-date concepts and procedures that can be put into practice immediately. We are committed to research-based teaching. We are present both in the undergraduate courses of the LMU (at Bachelor, Master and PhD level) as well as in selected continuing education courses.

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We offer courses in the classical style of a lecture with exercises as well as seminars with scientific (winter terms) and practical focus (summer terms).

General information about our courses can be found here on our

website about course offerings.

The organization of the courses takes place via LSF and Moodle. We offer courses in German as well as in English.
At Bachelor level, the focus is on reproduction and application. At Master level, the focus is on application and questioning. Examinations are conducted in the form of a written exam (lecture) and via presentation and seminar work (seminar).
Recognition of examination results

For recognition of examination results obtained at other universities, please contact the following offices:

For services rendered abroad: International Relations Center of the Faculty of Business Administration
For services rendered in Germany: ISC




General information

Please apply for theses exclusively via our contact form

Topics for theses

Theses are an essential part of academic studies, since students engage intensively with research questions and work independently on their own academic projects. Thereby, the institute offers comprehensive supervision. Theses are generally closely linked to the institute's ongoing research projects. Topics beyond the ongoing research and project work are also possible. If students meet the requirements, the thesis can be started at any time. Students regularly attend our colloquium seminars during the thesis period and also present their project in that setting.

As a bachelor's or master's student of business administration as well as a student of the master's program "Management and Digital Technologies" (MMT) (in exceptional cases also other programs of LMU), you can apply for a thesis at the Institute for Digital Management and New Media.

Requirements for theses (Bachelor/Master) at DMM

Interested students for bachelor theses who have successfully completed a main seminar (PStO 2008) or a compulsory seminar (PStO 2015) at our institute, at the Institute for Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets (ECM) or at the Chair for Digital Services and Sustainability (DSS) can apply for the respective thesis via the contact form at the top of this page. The number of theses accepted for supervision depends on the respective available capacity of the chair.

There are currently no restrictions for Master's theses; however, attendance of relevant courses, especially at the Institute, is expected.

Finding topics for final theses

Current topics for your thesis (including the name of the respective contact person) can be found on our page

Topics for theses

If you are interested in taking on a thesis, please contact us exclusively via the central contact form and state the name of the supervisor responsible for the research topic there.

Thesis applications - only here!

Please apply only once via the contact form according to your topic preferences. You have the option of naming up to three assistants (and thus three subject preferences) here.

If you have any questions, need help with your application, or can't find a connection at all, please feel free to contact Mathias Bohrer

Colloquium for theses

Administrative notes + participation requirements: During an ongoing thesis (BSc/MSc) at the Institute for Digital Management and New Media, participation in the colloquium is mandatory during the entire processing period.

Credit: Depending on the respective study regulations

Supervision: By Prof. Dr. Hess or substitute

Presentation: The duration of the presentations (presentation including subsequent discussion) is 20+10 minutes for master theses and 10+5 minutes for bachelor theses. The presentation language for bachelor theses is German, master theses are always presented in English.

Dates: Generally Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m.; details will be emailed to participants. Until further notice as an online event.

Current thesis colloquium dates: 06/18/2024, 07/23/2024, 08/06/2024, 09/03/2024, 09/24/2024,10/15/2024, 11/12/2024, 11/26/2024, 12/17/2024, 01/21/2025, 02/18/2025, 03/11/2025 and 03/25/2025.

Thesis guidelines and format templates

We provide guidelines and format templates for editing theses and seminar papers. Please use the following files and follow the corresponding guidelines when writing scientific papers:

Submission of the thesis

If you are studying a degree program in economics, your completed paper must be submitted to the ISC (Informations- und Servicecenter Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Prüfungen, Ludwigstraße 28, VG) no later than the deadline specified during registration. The applicable requirements of the ISC regarding the formalities of the submission must be observed. The paper must include a signed statement that it was written independently and without the use of other than the specified aids, has not yet been submitted to any other examination authority, and has not been published in whole or in part in technical or electronic form (the form can be found in the Institute's guidelines for the preparation of a scientific paper). If you have taken a different course of study, please observe the relevant guidelines of the course of study responsible for you. In any case, the respective supervisor should receive an electronic version (PDF or Word); after consultation, the submission of additional printed copies is also possible. Further information on submitting the thesis can be found in the respective examination regulations, which are available on the ISC website.




Awarded according to the following criteria

Students who have participated in at least two in-depth courses (project or term paper seminar) of the institute or who have written their thesis at the DMM, we are happy to provide references for further applications upon request. Please note that only academic references are issued and, due to the high demand, only a limited number per student.

Academic reports

For applications for study places, scholarships or research programs, we provide personally addressed references to the respective university or institution. This procedure has been shown to increase the credibility of such references and gives them more weight than general "To whom it may concern" reports.

Please contact Mathias Bohrer with your request by e-mail and attach the following documents to your message:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in tabular form
  • Current transcript of grades
  • List with the addresses of the universities or institutions for which you need a letter of recommendation (including the exact names of the addressees and the formalities of the submission)

Please allow at least two weeks for letters to be issued.


LSF and Moodle


All our courses are listed in LSF. We expect participants to enroll via Moodle. The self-enrolment keys are available via LSF.

All important information can be found on our course pages in Moodle. We recommend reading all information there carefully.