How important the university environment for our research may be, as essential is it for us to communicate our activities and research results to the public in a transparent and understandable way.

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  • 18/04/2024 When less is more

    The holistic view of the marketing funnel provides new insights into the effectiveness of influencer marketing

  • 01/03/2024 Put to the test

    Will "silicon samples", i.e. artificial data sets generated by large language models, redefine market research?

  • 04/12/2023 Just ask ChatGPT!?

    Why we shouldn't leave data collection to AI (yet).

  • 07/09/2023 Want a coffee?

    Why you should enjoy your coffee better after your shopping trip.

  • 05/09/2023 Election Posters in Focus

    Do they really convey the desired message?

  • 06/09/2023 Cheap, cheap, cheap!

    How discounts influence our consumer behavior

  • 06/09/2023 Beyond Likes and Shares

    Why common engagement metrics do not adequately capture the impact of owned social media content.

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