Consumer Insights


Each winter term (Retake exam in the summer term)
Course Format:
2 hours lecture / 2 hours tutorial per week
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Enrollment Key for Moodle: IMM_2023_24_CI
2 hours written exam
6 ECTS in Modul Marketing and Strategy according to BSc PO 2015
6 ECTS in Kompetenzbereiche der BWL I - III according to BSc PO 2015
Exam Date:
Retake Exam - 05.07.2024
Contact Person:
Nadine Auhuber


The course Consumer Insights focuses on why people buy and consume as well as how they make specific decisions and behave in certain ways. Key questions are: What motivates consumers, what captures their attention, and what retains their loyalty? An examination of different aspects of consumers and their behaviors is given, from their motivations, personalities, knowledge, and attitudes to process by which they make their purchase and consumption decision. Described examples from real cases help to see the relevance of theory in developing the strategy and tactics that create effective marketing programs. Topics and methods of this course have been selected with respect to managerial and personal relevance in a wide range of activities throughout the career.

To reach the learning objectives, several cases and examples will be discussed in the course. Participants will enhance their analytical capabilities and learn efficient problem-solving in consumer research.

Exam inspection (WT 23/24):

  • Date and time: April 15, 2024, starting 11:00 am (sharp)
  • Location: Kaulbachstr. 45; Room E03

Registration is mandatory to review your exam. Please register for the exam review session until April 3, 2024 by writing an email to Nadine Auhuber. We will assign you a time slot after the registration deadline. Please bring your student ID with you. If you are unable to attend the appointment yourself, you may send a representative with written authorization.

Exam Information Summer Term 2024:

Exam date and time for the retake: July 5th 2024, 10:00-12:00

Exam room: Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1 (M), M 118

Duration: 120 minutes


On-campus exam with open questions (close-book exam; lecture and tutorial material is not allowed)

Registration for exam required through LSF.

  • Registration period: 27.05.2024-21.06.2024
  • De-registration period: 27.05.2024-21.06.2024