Important Regulations of the Master of Business Research

All important regulations of the MBR program are summarized in the Examination Regulations (PDF, 227 KB) (Prüfungsordnung) and the Program Regulations (Studienordnung).

Please take careful note of the most important regulations listed below! Please also review the FAQ!

Hand-In Checklists

  • Fill out the Course Reporting (PDF, 127 KB) form with:
    • The name of your A/II project
    • 8 SWS worth of B/I courses (please list semester names instead of numbers, e.g., "WS 2023/24" instead of "Semester n° 4")
    • 8 SWS worth of B/II courses (own teaching counts double the SWS)
    • Signature of your PhD supervisor
  • Fill out the Presentations & Reports (PDF, 144 KB) form with:
    • Seven seminars of at least two different series with a maximum of three pure online seminars
    • Date of attendance and confirmation of P&R kickoff attendance (screenshot if online)
    • Name of the paper on which you wrote your Referee Report & date of handing in the report
  • Send both forms digitally, including confirmations of passing (Course Reporting) or attendance (Presentations & Reports) for all reported courses, to
  • Send both original forms to the Head of the Examination Board
    • Hand in at ISTO Secretariat (Kaulbachstr. 45/II), or
    • In-house mail to Head of the Examination Board (see Contact)

  • Please include this Declaration of Honor (DOCX, 32 KB), signed, in the submitted Project Study version.
  • Submit the Project Study printed and bound (ring or adhesive suffices) to:
    • Oliver Mocker (one copy),
    • Your primary reviewer (one copy),
    • Your secondary reviewer (one copy), and
  • Submit the Project Study electronically (as PDF) to MBR-Info.
    • Note that the electronic version is for archiving purposes only and does not and cannot replace the printed submissions!
  • For questions about Project Study Submission, please also contact Oliver Mocker.

Important Regulations

Reporting Passed Course (Modules A/II, B/I and B/II)

Once you finish all courses within the modules A/II, B/I, and B/II, you must report your completed courses to the program coordinator ( including confirmation of passing or attendance for all reported courses.

Please use the Course Reporting form (PDF, 127 KB) to report your courses and the Presentations & Reports form (PDF, 144 KB) to report your completion of that course. Please include written confirmation with the Credits (ECTS) or SWS (Contact hours, German: "Schein") for all reported modules and events you stated on the forms (e.g., certificate, e-mail, or signature of, e.g., own teaching).

This also applies to the form "Presentations and Reports" where you need confirmations (a signature for in-person talks or a screen-shot for remote talks, and an attendance certificate/e-mail for the Kick-off of the module) for all events. Please, also carefully check the FAQ section again before you submit. Please remember that you can only report a maximum of three pure online seminars (like VIDE)!

Once filled out and signed by your doctoral supervisor, please send scans of the forms as well as the aforementioned confirmations to MBR-Info. You must also submit the original print versions of both forms to the Head of the Examination Board, Prof. Tobias Kretschmer.

Project Study

When starting the final work (last 4 months) on your project study, please hand in this registration form (PDF, 535 KB) to the office of the examination board ( and put Oliver Mocker ( and MBR-Info ( in CC.

Most important is, however, a printed version of the registration for the archive that Oliver Mocker is in charge of. For questions about the project study submission, please contact Oliver Mocker (

Please include the linked declaration (DOCX, 32 KB) in your final version of the project study.

The project study itself must be submitted in printed and bound form (adhesive or ring binding is sufficient) to Oliver Mocker (see Contact) for archiving and forwarding to the examination board, and the primary reviewer and the secondary reviewer respectively (i.e. one copy each). Additionally, please submit an electronic version to MBR-Info. Do note that the electronic version cannot replace the printed copy.

MBR Grade

The final grade of the MBR is calculated from the grades obtained in the courses in Module A/I and the grade of the project study.

For grades-related inquiries not concerning a singular course, please contact Oliver Mocker ( or see the FAQ for details. For inquiries concerning the grade of a particular course, please contact that course's lecturer.

Of the six courses taken in Module A/I, the four best grades count towards the final MBR grade, each weighted with 1/7. The grade of the project study counts for 3/7 of the final grade.

The MBR diploma will also mention the grades of all six courses from Module A/I as well as the titles of all the courses from Modules A/II, B/I, B/II, and the title of the project study (Module C).

PhD Grade

According to the faculty's regulations for doctoral degrees, the MBR replaces the oral exam in the PhD process. According to §19 of the regulations, the final MBR grade counts for 1/3 of the final PhD grade. The grade for the dissertation thesis counts for the other two thirds.

The best possible grade for a dissertation thesis is 0.5 and the best possible MBR grade is 1.0. Therefore, the best possible grade for a PhD at the Munich School of Management is 0.66 ("summa cum laude", cf. §19(4) of the doctoral degree regulations).