Other degree programs (with faculty participation).

Overview of further study programs

Executive Master of Insurance (EMI)

The Executive Master of Insurance (E.M. Insurance) is a part-time degree program with a clear focus on insurance-related topics. The program enables highly motivated professionals to acquire additional background knowledge as well as to deepen and broaden already existing knowledge. The core topics are insurance-related issues, ranging from general economics and mathematics to specific institutional issues. The focus is on today's challenges in the rapidly changing insurance markets.

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A solid knowledge of economic fundamentals and subject-specific concepts has become more than ever a central factor for a variety of job profiles and activities. This is particularly true for graduates of mathematical courses of study, who in a large number of cases take up a professional activity in very application-oriented sectors such as the financial services sector, in management consulting or also in IT system houses in predominantly very heterogeneous teams. In particular, still relatively young professions such as actuary require not only mathematical-quantitative skills but also a profound knowledge of concepts and terminology from economics.
In order to meet these requirements from practice and the professional world, students of mathematics or business mathematics at LMU can take courses from the Faculty of Business Administration as an independent or integrated minor subject.

In the diploma program in mathematics, "Insurance Economics" can be chosen as a minor subject; these students then take courses from the entire range of courses offered by the Faculty of Business Administration or from the Special Business Administration "Risk and Insurance" in accordance with the respective examination regulations. If the major "Business Mathematics" is chosen instead, Business Administration is already an integrated minor subject, and these students deepen their knowledge in the main course of study at the chairs of the major "Finance", "Insurance" or "Capital Market Research".

The mathematics courses will also be converted to Bachelor/Master in the course of the Bologna process. In the bachelor's degree program in mathematics, there will be a choice of minor subjects, including "Business Administration" (30 ECTS) or "Insurance and Risk Management" (30 ECTS); the bachelor's degree program in business mathematics will also include corresponding minor subjects.

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Mathematics / Business Mathematics

As part of their studies in media informatics, students can choose the application subject of media management. Media management is a special field of business administration. The aim of the application subject is to impart economic skills in addition to the fundamental aspects of media technology and media products.
Within the framework of media management, students gain insights into the business framework in which media products are planned and implemented. Above all, areas such as management, content, production and value-oriented action represent a useful supplement to the basic technical knowledge of media informatics, enabling students to hold their own in management positions after graduation.

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Media Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction Groups

In today's world, executives must increasingly act not only in an economically sensible manner, but also with a feeling for political trends and in a morally responsible manner. The Executive Program Philosophy Politics Economy, the first part-time continuing education program at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), prepares executives to deal with conflicting goals. It provides decision-makers in business, politics and society with key qualifications for structuring and solving complex problems and assuming responsibility towards the public.

The executive degree program is based on Anglo-American models and is unique in Central Europe. Renowned LMU professors from the fields of philosophy, political science and economics impart the relevant know-how in courses and tutorials. In practice days, transdisciplinary topics relevant to practice are addressed. Experienced practitioners coach the participants or provide insights into their special activities.

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Philosophy Politics Economy (in German)

As a member of the Elite Network Bavaria, the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) offers the study program Technology Management. The goal of the 4-semester program is to provide practical experience in technology research, product development, information systems management, business planning and entrepreneurship in addition to application-oriented theoretical and methodological knowledge. Students are thus prepared for the increasingly complex management tasks at the interface between digital technologies and management in business.
The additional training at the Center for Digital Technology and Management is both international and interdisciplinary: participants in the program, which is taught in English, are recruited from the fields of business administration, computer science and electrical engineering. Close cooperation with sponsoring companies from industry and business also ensures a high level of practical relevance.

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Technology Management