Overview Minor Studies

At LMU Munich School of Management you have the possibility to study Business Administration, Business Economics and Insurance and Risk Management as a minor.

We have compiled the most important information (in German) (PDF, 2,330 KB) about the minor for you.

Minor in Business Administration

Business Administration can be studied as a minor subject at the LMU Munich School of Management. The contents are significantly reduced in comparison to the single-subject Bachelor of Business Administration.

Business Administration can be studied as a minor subject with 30 ECTS and a major subject in Geography, Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science (150 ECTS).

Information minor in business administration and course of study

Minor in Business Economics (in German Nebenfach Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Economics can be studied as a minor subject with 60 ECTS and a major in Computer Science, Communication Science, Political Science, Sociology or Japanese Studies (120 ECTS).

Information minor in economics and course of studies

Minor in Insurance and Risk Management (IRM)

The minor subject Insurance and Risk Management can be studied with 30 ECTS.

Information minor IRM and study program

At a glance

Admission and application

Business studies in NF with 30 and 60 ECTS are both admission restricted. This means that you cannot simply enroll, but must apply for the desired course of study. Please refer to the information pages of the Studentenkanzlei for application deadlines. Please also contact the Student Office with any questions regarding NC, admission, enrollment, probability of acceptance or application process.

Event Registration

Registration is NOT required for the lectures and tutorials in the minor in Business Administration, as it is in some other subjects. Simply attend the first lecture of each subject. There you will be informed about everything you need to know.

Time planning

For scheduling purposes, please select the courses you would like to attend from the online course catalog. Usually, the courses are assigned to the appropriate minor category. If you do not find a course, please look in the online course catalog in the category "Bachelor Business Administration PStO 2015". Since most of the courses in the minor are also used polyvalently for the major in Business Administration, you can find additional information on the O-Phase website. Please refer to this website to find out which courses you need to attend. Students of Book Sciences, Media Informatics and Business Mathematics please contact your major advisor with your request.

Exam dates and registration

  • Exam overview with date and time can be found in the ISC master schedule (in German).
  • Please note that you will write the "correct" module exam depending on your exam regulations.
  • The registration for the exams is done with the Campus LMU-ID.
  • The registration period is determined by the ISC
  • Only with the registration you have the right to participate in the exam!!!! - Registration outside the registration period is not possible.
  • If the exam is not taken despite registration, it is absolutely necessary to deregister within the deregistration period.

Important information and exam organization (in German)

Examination results

Exam results of all exams are always available in the LSF. Students who do not have access to the LSF (e.g. Media Informatics, Business Mathematics) can find their results in the showcase opposite the ISC (room 023, Ludwigstr. 28 VG, 80539 Munich). Unfortunately, we cannot inform you about grades by e-mail. Outside office hours, NO statements will be issued.

Errors with the exam registration or the account statement?

If you notice an error, please use this contact form to report the error. Please describe the error in detail and our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.


  • Please note the following ISC transitional arrangements to ABWL modules in future semesters. ISC (in German).
  • Hurdles in minor studies: GOPs and maximum duration of studies for minor subjects Business Administration 30 ECTS, Economics 60 ECTS and Insurance and Risk Management can be found here (in German) (PDF, 49 KB).
  • Transcript of Records: To apply for a Transcript of Records (completion of the minor) in the minor subjects from PO 2008 onwards, please contact the ISC (in German) and refer to the following information (in German).
  • For students of the NF after PO2008: Starting from summer semester 2012, the course "Risk Management" replaces the course "ABWL Financing".

Information on free examination attempt as of PO2015 (in German) (PDF, 133 KB)


The recognition rules apply EXCLUSIVELY to the following minor programs: BWL 30 ECTS, WiWi 60 ECTS and Insurance and Risk Management 30 ECTS.

Deadlines for credit transfer. If these deadlines are not met, no credit can be awarded.

  1. performance was achieved before enrollment in the BWL B.Sc. (e.g. in case of change of university), then the application has to be made at the latest by the end of the 1st semester after enrollment at the LMU.
  2. performance was achieved after enrollment in the BWL B.Sc. (e.g. in case of study abroad or double study), then the application has to be submitted at the latest by the end of the 1st semester after the acquisition of the ECTS points.

The examination for creditability and the delivery of the credit notification is a multi-layered procedure and can take up to 4 months. So take care of the complete sending of the required documents in time.


A: Contact the minor advising office via this contact form and provide the following parameters:

  1. are you already enrolled at LMU?
  2. if yes, in which semester are you currently enrolled with which HF and which NF?
  3. which minor are you studying or do you want to study/will you study?
  4. what credits from which college/university will be brought in?

B: If this information is complete, in most cases you will be asked directly to send us by mail a transcript/transcript of your achievements that are to be recognized.

C: After receiving this transcript, we check internally in the first step the module equality, i.e. whether and which credit possibilities could/will probably exist.

D: After this first module comparison check, you will receive non-binding feedback from us as to which services are likely to be recognized.

E: The next step is the actual competency assessment. For this purpose, please send us the syllabus, table of contents, module handbook and bibliography of the courses to be credited (also possible digitally). These documents will be forwarded to the responsible teaching staff (usually professors) of the corresponding courses at LMU. They will check whether the documents you have submitted correspond to the acquired competencies of the corresponding LMU course. If this is the case, you will now receive binding feedback that your performance can be recognized.

F: In the next step, you will come to the minor subject office in person with the completed accreditations form (PDF, 152 KB) and the original documents or certified copies confirming your achievements (e.g. transcripts).

G: In the last step, we will hand over your signed credit form to the ISC, who will then issue the credit notification and enter the achievement/grade.


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Nebenfach BWL 30 und WiWi 60 ECTS
Risk und Insurance 30 ECTS
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Buchwissenschaften (StgNr. 498)
Psychologie (StgNr. 132)
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