Master Management European Triple Degree (ETD)

The Masters program Management European Triple Degree (MBA, M.Sc.) at the LMU Munich School of Management

At a glance

Management - European Triple Degree (ETD)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Language of instruction
Standard period of study
4 semesters
No admission restriction -
but aptitude testing procedure
Winter semester
Emlyon Business School
Tuition fees
20,000 Euro plus living expenses per academic year. It is possible to apply for a partial scholarship.
Further information
Internet pages of the ETD

Brief introduction

Management - European Triple Degree (ETD)

The program is aimed at Bachelor graduates of all disciplines who wish to work in an international environment in the future. By living, working and studying in at least two European countries, intercultural skills are acquired not only theoretically but also in everyday practice.

Made in Europe - ready for the world!

The M.Sc. in Management - European Triple Degree is designed as a general management program that comprehensively prepares you for an international career while specifically adopting and teaching a European perspective. The courses have been jointly developed by three of the leading business institutions in Europe. You will have the opportunity to incorporate the different perspectives of each culture into thinking and work.

The program is offered entirely in English. Within certain limits, additional courses can be taken in French or German. Successful graduates will receive a triple Master's degree from the three participating institutions.

All students complete the first year together at Emlyon Business School. Following the introductory seminars of the three participating universities, basic management courses follow: from Accounting to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations to Organizational Beahvior. The individual courses take place in blocks, with course phases alternating with preparation and follow-up phases.

Together with a mentor, each participant also works on his or her personal "Career Project" throughout the entire program. The first step is to develop a personal profile of strengths and weaknesses and to identify specific, individual career goals. Ways of achieving these goals are then worked out together and pursued with the participant as part of a career-related project. The first year ends with an internship, which you can complete anywhere in the world (except your home country).

In the second year, you choose a specialization and study either Corporate Finance or Marketing at Emlyon Business School, Strategy and Change in Munich or Corporate Development in Lancaster. The program concludes with a master's thesis.

For the latest news and further information, please visit the European Masters website.

LMU Munich School of Management no longer participates in this program as of WS 2022. Therefore, an application via LMU is no longer possible. For further information please contact

Partner Universities

LMU Munich School of Management has designed this exceptional degree program together with its renowned European partner university Emlyon Business School. The third partner in the program since 2016 is Lancaster University Management School.

Emlyon is a European business school in the tradition of the French "Grand École", committed to lifelong learning for entrepreneurship and international management. The school's mission is to promote social responsibility among its students and to provide them with the necessary foundation to be successful entrepreneurs in different cultural and economic systems around the world. The Emlyon is particularly characterized by innovative methods and entrepreneurial approaches in teaching. Theoretical know-how is combined with insights and experience from corporate management. The Emlyon holds accreditations from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.

Further information about the Emlyon

Lancaster University is a campus university in the northwest of England. Since 1999, the associated management school has offered master's degree programs that are among the best in the world. Accredited by the three associations AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, it can boast the coveted Triple Crown, which only 68 business schools around the globe can claim - that's 1 percent.35 percent of academic staff come from abroad, and 41 percent of students are from non-EU countries. There are currently around 12,000 students from 58 different nations studying at Lancaster University, making it a perfect fit for the profile of the M.Sc. in Management - European Triple Degree in terms of both the quality of research and teaching and its international focus.

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An important component of the program is the development of international networks and relationships for participants. The European Triple Degree opens up contact opportunities with over 30,000 alumni in more than 100 countries. Close cooperation with partners from the business world (including Accenture, American Express, Bain & Company, Bertelsmann AG, BMW, British Airways, Deloitte & Touche, Deutsche Bank, General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda Motor, L'Oréal, Nestlé, Siemens, Volkswagen, Walt Disney Company and many more) is an essential part of this exclusive program.


Contact person
Niko Dellner
Institute for Market-based Management (IMM)
+49 89 2180-5607

Experience reports

"The international experience is definitely great. If you want to have access to the international, European labour market, to cross-cultural collaborations and multinationals, then such an international programme is fantastic." Alina BUTEICA, Rumänien

"I wanted to get a true feeling for the different fields in management that are available out there and to get some practical experience to find out where my own skills could be best applied. So my main interest was to find courses that allow me to identify and develop my natural sills. Well, the courses have given us a lot of different views. We have had a lot of practitioners giving us information on what there job consists of. I have also been profoundly influenced by the international cohort I have been both learning with and from. This master has allowed me to unravel my most fitting career path. (...) My personal opinion is that it might not yet be the best organised programme out there but I believe that no other programme offers such a mind broadening opportunity. It has great infrastructure and inspiring teachers. I would recommend it and I actually did recommend it to a friend." Edward MANTERFIELD, UK

"This programme has great potential but we have to make sure to build up the reputation of such a programme and show to the companies that we have much more potential than other programmes. And advertise it properly. But it is a great opportunity. I would recommend it for sure but there is still a lot to do to push it forward. Everybody has to be very committed - universities, teachers and students." Timothy DUMOULIN, Frankreich

"The European Master in Management gives me everything I could ask for in a Master’s programme: a truly innovative course with a European flavour, and a unique collaboration between excellent Universities." Johanna PAUGE, Deutschland

"I am attracted by the inventive and unique entrepreneurial and finance programmes that the EMM offers." Gökhan M ISBIR, Türkei

"I chose the EMM Programme because of its internationality and diversity." Yi XIE, China