Learning Agreement

The mandatory basis for credit transfer

What is a Learning Agreement

A Learning Agreement (LA) is a contract that is concluded at the beginning of the study abroad period, which specifies which courses you will take abroad and which LMU modules can be replaced by these courses. The LA thus sets the maximum framework for credit transfer.

Table A of the LA lists the courses to be taken at the host university. Table B lists the LMU modules (not specific lectures) that can replaced by the foreign courses. A direct match with Table A is not required. A typical example of courses that can be taken at the host university (table A) but cannot be transferred (table B) are language courses because they are not included in the regular business administration program at LMU. The LA must be signed by all parties involved (students, host university and home university).

ERASMUS participants are required to create an LA in the form of an OLA (Online Learning Agreement) and will receive the relevant information from the Erasmus team at the International Office of LMU in a timely manner. All other outgoings must also create an LA as the basis for the recognition of their performance. You can use the template (DOC, 177 KB) provided here for download for this purpose.

Without a learning agreement, credit transfer cannot be guaranteed.

Step by step towards a Learning Agreement

In order to plan your course program for your semester abroad, you will need information about the course program available at your host university during your semester abroad. Without knowledge of the courses incl. description of the course content, an LA cannot be prepared.

You will receive basic information on what to consider when choosing courses in order to receive credit at LMU in an information session to which we will invite you after you have accepted your place abroad at one of our partner universities.

You will also receive excerpts from the database of credits already transferred in the past for your orientation. Courses that have already been transferred will most likely be transferred again.

To obtain an assessment of the possibility of receiving credit for "new" courses not previously listed in the database, send Syllabi (comprehensive course description/course outline) to the IRC Include the LMU module (not a specific course) for which you would like to receive credit for the course. For the module structure of your LMU program please refer to ISC.

The courses will then be checked for credt transfer. Due to capacity reasons, unfortunately we cannot check unlimited courses per candidate. Therefore, please plan your program carefully.

Only when it has been finally determined which courses you will actually attend and the credit transfer possibilities have been clarified, it is time to complete Table A and B of the LA and thus create your LA. For OLAs, obtaining the necessary signatures is system-based. For all other LAs, the necessary signatures must be obtained successively by mail.

There is no benefit to trying to create an LA as early as possible. Experience has shown that it is best to have it ready when the courses at the host university have been running stable for about 1-2 weeks. This way, time-consuming changes to the LA can be avoided. Ultimately, the LA must be available at the host university no later than 4-6 weeks after the start of lectures.

However, if changes are necessary for reasons beyond your control, you must use the changes part of the LA. Please be sure to discuss the change with IRC before formally issuing the Changes section.

The official transcript from your host university is required to complete the recognition process. The official certificate/transcript will be sent by your host university either directly to you or also to us. We will notify you by mail as soon as we have received a transcript for you. If you receive your transcript electronically only, please make sure that we can verify its authenticity (e.g. sent by the host university directly or cc to IRC).

Once the official transcript is available, you may send the completed request for credit transfer (XLSX, 16 KB) as xls file to IRC. Together with your request, please send the confirmation of the registration of your stay abroad in LSF. The credit transfer will then be processed step by step by email. Please use your campus mail address only.

You do not have to transfer all courses included in the LA. You will have to decide which courses you wish to transfer during the credit transfer process.

As a result, you will receive a credit transfer confirmation and the credits will be added to your LMU credit account. The credit confirmation also serves as proof of the crediting of the courses abroad within the framework of ERASMUS.

You must apply for credit transfer in the semester following the semester abroad. Later transfer of foreign credits is excluded by LMU's examination law.

Credit transfer from studies prior to your studies at LMU

In principle, it is possible to receive credit for such foreign academic achievements that were already completed in an equivalent course of study before you began your Bachelor's or Master's degree program at LMU. However, the actual transfer of credits can only take place once you have successfully applied for a study place and have started your studies at LMU. You must apply for credit transfer during your first semester in the Business Administration Bachelor's or Master's program at LMU. A later transfer of credits, which you have completed before starting your business studies at LMU, is not possible!

Please submit

  • Completed application for credit transfer: Form (XLSX, 17 KB) (please submit in xls format). We will process your request by mail. Your signature is required only at the end of the process.
  • Certified copy of transcript/transcript of records
  • Course descriptions and outlines (content and scope of the course, examination modalities, etc.). In the case of course descriptions that are not available in German, English or French, please also prepare a translation yourself.

Please send your documents to stenke@lmu.de