Legitimacy & Responsibility und Digital Transformation

Scientific excellence through interdisciplinary research in the cross-cutting topics of Legitimacy & Responsibility and Digital Transformation.

Legitimacy & Responsibility

Companies need legitimacy to compete in the marketplace and engage with all stakeholders.

In the research area Legitimacy and Responsibility, we explore how corporate activities impact the environment, society and the economy. In doing so, we analyze the influence of organizational processes, decision-makers and supporting instruments on different stakeholders and the value they contribute to the achievement of corporate goals. Particular attention is paid to the framework conditions that promote corporate legitimacy, the role of sustainable and social innovations, and new forms of collaboration and leadership among employees.

The aim is to create transparency in management decision-making and reporting at the individual and corporate level.

Digital Transformation

Social and economic challenges such as global warming, demographic change, and the increasing unpredictability and competitive dynamics of globalization cannot be solved without digital technologies. At the same time, digital technologies are changing established industries and creating new opportunities and rules of the game.

The digital transformation requires companies to continuously address the use of digital technologies in order to best respond to the diverse challenges and opportunities and create competitive advantages.

We research the use of digital technologies and their impact on strategies, business models, organizational structures and processes. Our research covers all organizational levels and many industries. We focus on breakthrough digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing or distributed ledger technologies and consider both positive effects and undesired side effects of the digital transformation process.