Research Center for Information, Organization and Management

The research center explores information management, organization, and management issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Research areas

  • Influence of digitalization/artificial intelligence on leadership, work and organizational structures
  • Influence of digitization/artificial intelligence on education/competency development
  • Virtualization of companies, teams and value creation processes
  • Change management
  • Inverse transparency
  • Privacy

The research program of the Research Center for Information, Organization and Management (IOM) deals with questions at the thematic interface between new technologies/digitalization/artificial intelligence and classic topics of business administration and organization. The most important thematic research fields include the delimitation of companies, corporate networks/business webs, telecommunications, and regulation.

The focus is on the analysis and design of information and communication systems as well as the exploration of organizational structures, processes, and knowledge management. Aspects of digitalization, data analysis, and sustainability are also taken into account. The aim of the research is to generate practice-relevant insights for companies, public institutions, and society, thus contributing to the improvement of the organization and management of information.

The Research Center for Information, Organization and Management emerged from the Institute for Information, Organization and Management (IOM), which was led byProf. Dr. Dres. h.c. Arnold Picot (PDF, 338 KB) and was closed on March 31, 2013. Prof. Picot's focus was on research and teaching in the business-related examination of information and communication as well as new technologies, particularly in the context of organization, leadership, work, and regulation.

Publication list Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Arnold Picot (PDF, 1,226 KB)

Publications by Dr. Rahild Neuburger

The research activities were continued within the newly founded Research Center for Information, Organization and Management after his retirement in 2013 and his death in 2017.

Dr. Rahild Neuburger

The Research Center is operationally led by Dr. Rahild Neuburger.

Her tasks include the organization and coordination of the research project, the development of the research strategy and agenda, as well as the acquisition of third-party funding.

Furthermore, Dr. Neuburger is responsible for collaborating with internal and external partners and stakeholders, and organizing workshops and other events for young scientists.

Additionally, she is responsible for publishing the research results in publications and presenting them at conferences and other events.

Teaching areas and fields of activity

  • "Digitization and Transformation" within the MMT master's program
  • Business administration for students of minor subjects and teacher training
  • Consequences of digitalization on leadership, organizational and value creation structures
  • Work and education in the digital world
  • Change management
  • Inverse transparency and privacy


For an overview of published papers, please visit the LMU University Library Open Access.

Scientific assistance

Ronja Schwinghammer, M.Sc.

Research/Teaching Assistant and Doctoral Candidate


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