Although they have different emphases in their evaluation processes, the most important rankings in Germany, Europe and worldwide all regularly agree on one thing: The LMU Munich School of Management, and the LMU as a whole, offer top level teaching, research and studies.

A lecture in the main auditorium of the LMU main building filled with many students.

The LMU Munich School of Management is proud to be highly ranked in numerous rankings. Our achievements are regularly recognized by reputable organizations and publications.

These rankings demonstrate that the performance of our faculty is recognized at an international level and that we are constantly working to improve in order to be of benefit to both the academic community and society as a whole.

It is important to note that rankings are only an indicator of the quality of our work and that there are many other aspects that distinguish our faculty. We are constantly striving to achieve outstanding performance in all areas and to promote academic excellence and the advancement of knowledge.

#1 for Business Administration in Germany

Good equipment, excellent teachers and a positive image are already factors that can be used to select a university. However, what is much more important is what opportunities the training offers after graduation. HR managers asked in a survey by employer branding consultancy Universum prefer to recruit employees who have studied business administration at the LMU Munich School of Management.

Zum WirtschaftsWoche Hochschulranking (in German)

Another mark of excellence in research and teaching are the regular prizes and awards for outstanding research.

To the prizes and awards

#1 of the German universities

In many important areas, from student satisfaction to the quality of teaching and research, LMU Munich School of Management and LMU University regularly achieve top rankings. LMU also achieves top scores in international rankings every year.

Thus, it is also unbeatably ranked number 1 in the ranking of German universities and number 1 in the ranking of German universities and in a European comparison, LMU can be found among the best 10!

Various indicators such as reputation, performance in research and teaching, or the number of citations in professional publications are evaluated differently in the individual rankings. Accordingly, they vary depending on the method, orientation and choice of departments and should only be used as a point in the selection of a university or faculty. Rankings should not be used to assess the quality of a university alone.