Upcoming keynote at the Oxford Brookes Business School Doctoral Research Conference

9 Jun 2023

Professor Tenzer will give a keynote speech about “Crafting a research identity and publishing from the PhD” on June 20.

Oxford Brookes Business School will be holding a free, online Doctoral Research Conference on Tuesday 20th June. This event focuses on developing PhD students’ and early career scholars’ research profile through publishing high quality innovative work and engaging wider audiences.

Professor Tenzer will deliver a keynote about “Crafting a research identity and publishing from the PhD” for this conference. This session aims to provide PhD students in different stages of their dissertation projects with ideas how to craft their distinctive research identity, how to build a coherent research portfolio, and how to convert their dissertations into successful publications in prestigious journals. We will discuss how to frame a topic, how to select suitable target journals, how to find co-authors and academic mentors, and how to navigate the review process. Considering the challenging nature of the PhD phase, we will also talk about techniques for maintaining one’s motivation and work-life balance. After the keynote, there will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Here you can find all information about the conference and register for specific segments free of charge: