Princess Therese of Bavaria Prize for Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer

24 Jul 2023

The Princess Therese of Bavaria Foundation honors Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer with the Therese von Bayern Prize as an outstanding female researcher at LMU.

The Princess Therese of Bavaria Foundation at LMU awards the Princess Therese of Bavaria Prize every two years to young aspiring female scientists and established female professors at LMU who have made outstanding contributions to transdisciplinary and internationally oriented research, serving as role models for women at the university. This year, the Princess Therese of Bavaria Prize was awarded to two postdoctoral researchers and three professors from the fields of law, economics, and social sciences. Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer received this prestigious award as the first female business scholar.

The award ceremony took place during a solemn event, with speeches delivered by Prof. Dr. Francesca Biagini, the 2019 awardee and current Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity at LMU, and Dr. Auguste Princess of Bavaria, a group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence.

Princess Therese of Bavaria was the first and only female honorary member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in 1890, and in 1897, she became the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from LMU. Throughout her life, she was actively involved in promoting girls' and women's education.

Dr. Margit Weber and her predecessor, Dr. Hadumod Bußmann, emphasized that while female researchers at LMU no longer face the same obstacles as Princess Therese of Bavaria did in her time, they still encounter difficulties in their academic careers, particularly concerning the balance between family and profession. Ultimately, the same qualities that led to Therese's success remain essential today: thirst for knowledge, concentration, perseverance, and the willingness to overcome numerous challenges.

Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer received the award for her research at the intersection of international management, organizational psychology, cultural studies, and linguistics. Her work includes the examination of communication barriers and cooperation processes in multicultural, multilingual, and global virtual teams through case studies. Based on her findings, she develops recommendations for human resource managers, executives, and employees to minimize frictional losses and leverage the creative potential of diversity.

The LMU Munich School of Management congratulates Prof. Dr. Helene Tenzer on her outstanding achievement and wishes her continued success, determination, and prosperity in her research endeavors!

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