New article on the emergence of Islamic banking in Germany

25 Mar 2024

Commited actors, institutional complexity, and pathways to compromise: The emergence of Islamic banking in Germany

Together with Prof. Renate E. Meyer and Prof. Markus A. Höllerer, Prof. Ali Aslan Gümüsay has published a new article on "Commited Actors, Institutional Complexity, and Pathways to Compromise: The Emergence of Islamic Banking in Germany". Empirically, this article focuses on Islamic Banking emergence in Germany and how a bank ‚negotiated‘ its entry. Conceptually, it covers jurisdictional struggles due to novel institutional complexity and the development of innovative templates.

For those interested in institutional logics, this article engages with five characteristics of institutional logics that are important: (a) logics are both structuring axioms and modes of reasoning; (b) they claim validity in specific jurisdictions and with different degrees of institutional compatibility and demand specificity; (c) they are temporarily situated and malleable; (d) they influence both means and ends; and (e) they unfold their impact within and across the constellations of interinstitutional systems.