New Article on "Regulatory Spillovers and Data Governance: Evidence from GDPR" forthcoming in Marketing Science!

24 Mar 2022

Christian Peukert (HEC Lausanne), Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zürich), Michail Batikas (ESC Rennes School of Business), and Tobias Kretschmer (Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization | LMU Munich) have an article forthcoming in Marketing Science titled "Regulatory Spillovers and Data Governance: Evidence from the GDPR."

The authors document the short-run changes in websites and web technology with the introduction of the European General Data Production Regulation (GDPR). Following over 100k websites and their third-party HTTP requests, they find that websites substantially reduced their interactions with web technology providers, especially amongst less popular websites and regarding the collection of personal data. The authors ultimately discover that there is an increase in market concentration of web technology services after the introduction of GDPR and that - while all firms suffer losses - the largest vendor (Google) loses relatively less and even increases market share in advertising and analytics.

You can access the article by clicking on the following link: