Neue Mitarbeitende werden herzlich an der LMU Munich School of Management willkommen geheißen!

20 Apr 2023

Die LMU Munich School of Management freut sich über ihre neuen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter.

At the start of the summer semester, 19 new employees began their journey into the world of academic excellence and quality education at one of Europe's most renowned business schools.

LMU Munich School of Management's SOM.WELCOME.COFFEE. onboarding program is designed to help new employees smoothly transition into their positions and find their way around the faculty organization. The new team members received a warm welcome from the dean and those responsible for the respective areas and programs of the faculty, as well as from their future colleagues. They had the opportunity to get to know their new work environment and make initial contacts over coffee.

The onboarding program includes targeted introductions implemented in the respective institutes to provide the new employees with the necessary skills and knowledge for their respective on-site tasks and to familiarize the new team members with the values, culture and goals of LMU Munich School of Management. They were also provided with resources and tools to make their work effective and successful. In addition, special introductory events are offered for the MBR degree program, etc.

"We are pleased to welcome new staff members to our team with each new semester," says Dr. Marco van Baal, Managing Director of LMU Munich School of Management. "Their commitment will help to further advance our organization and continue our mission of excellent research and teaching."

LMU Munich School of Management is known for its international orientation, its excellence in research and its excellent teaching. With its broad range of degree programs and close ties to business, it prepares its students for leadership positions in national and international companies. The new staff members are an important part of the team to strengthen the faculty's position at one of Europe's leading universities.

LMU Munich School of Management wishes all new staff members a successful start!