Meet our new colleague Alexey Rusakov

14 Jan 2021

Dear Alex,

How long have you been at the ISTO and how would your friends and family describe you in 2 or 3 sentences?

I am a Research Assistant at ISTO since October 1st, 2020. My family would describe me as rather calm and very determined. I am also a perfectionist. This is often an advantage, but it can also have disadvantages ;) Otherwise, I am always looking forward to new challenges.

What did you do before?

After graduating from high school, I started studying Economics at the LMU. I noticed relatively early on that Economics and its subject areas suited me well, which is why I decided to study the master's program in Economics as well, also at the LMU. My master's thesis dealt with occupational changes in the digital era. I was very enthusiastic about the scientific work and decided to go to academia.

What makes the ISTO a special place to work for you?

The interaction between colleagues is excellent. All colleagues are very friendly and taking your own opinions and suggestions into account plays an important role. The LMU's involvement in international research is just as remarkable: there is an intensive exchange with excellent researchers from all over the world.

What project are you currently working on?

I research the use of first-party complements in platform markets, in particular the timing and market niche of their introduction. In addition, I am currently in a phase of exploring suitable research ideas in the area of platform markets and establishing myself as a researcher. In teaching, I accompany students with their thesis and project work.

What do you find exciting about it?

I find the properties of platform markets and the effects on their environment, such as their complements and established business models of the competition, interesting in many ways. Another exciting aspect is that I analyze data in the videogame industry. This often stimulates communication in my circle of friends and I always learn something new. In terms of teaching, I find it exciting to teach students, although not so long ago I were one myself, a kind of "change of perspective" one could say ;)

Who inspires you for your work?

Research in the area of platforms is one of the core research areas at the ISTO. With this in mind, I would like to praise our postdocs / assistant professors and professors for their exceptional mentoring. Of course, I am also inspired by the work of other researchers in this and other fields, especially that of great thinkers and Nobel Prize winners.

Finish the following sentence: "As a scientist you have ..."

"... freedom for spiritual development." Being a scientist is unique as it enables you to combine your own interests with your profession. In addition, you can expand your own knowledge and then share it with other scientists who share this interest.

Where can we find you when you are not at the ISTO?

It is very important to me to spend a lot of time with my family. I am also enthusiastic about sports and I regularly do artistic gymnastics and go to the gym. I am convinced that this balance between intellectual and sporting activity is important for our health.

Thank you for the interview!