Meet Guillermo Larios, visiting researcher at our Institute

17 Jul 2023

During the last three weeks, we had a pleasure to have Guillermo Larios as a visiting researcher at our Institute. Guillermo is Entrepreneurship Professor and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico.

To get to know each other, we asked a few questions about his stay.

Q: What brought you to Munich?

In 2020, I connected with Tobias Kretschmer within CAS research group ‘Platforms as Organizational Forms‘. This year, I finally got the chance to participate in the activities of the Institute in person.

Q: Have you noticed any particular differences between your usual workplace and ISTO?

ISTO is easily distinguished from other similar institutions because it is highly focused on platform research and it is a data intensive institute – that’s what makes it special. I found the exchange of ideas and discussions with other researchers here very useful and insightful.

Q: Did you have any useful insights while you were here? What do you take away from this visit?

It is set in a completely different environment – European environment, and there is a distinction between challenges in different parts of the world. The main idea of research is to generate new knowledge and I hope that cooperation with ISTO will contribute to that goal. It was interesting to see how programs and research at the Institute are organized, and I had an opportunity to see a different way of working and learn from the projects of ISTO researchers.

Thank you Guillermo for joining us, it was a pleasure working with you!