Global talent acquisition in times of severe talent shortage

12 Jul 2023

Guest lecture by Dominik Hahn, Global Head of Group Talent Acquisition at Allianz SE

In the closing session of our lecture on "International Human Resource Management," we were honored to welcome Dominik A. Hahn, Global Head of Group Talent Acquisition at Allianz SE, as a guest lecturer. His exciting presentation shed light on the challenges of talent acquisition in the face of a skilled labor shortage and highlighted the ongoing transformation of global talent acquisition at Allianz.

“The younger people are, the less they think of insurance companies as desirable employers”, explained Dominik Hahn. Allianz therefore needs to actively communicate its attractiveness as a financially strong and crisis-proof employer to university graduates. "With over 29,000 new hires in 2022, Allianz is a veritable recruiting machine," Hahn said. "This machine can only run smoothly if we develop an authentic Employer Value Proposition and consistently communicate it worldwide."

Operating within a complex organization of 159,000 employees, over 40 country subsidiaries, and global product lines, achieving uniform communication is a significant challenge. As recently as 2018, each of Allianz's 40-plus national career websites conveyed their own messages, which weakened the Allianz Group's brand communication as an attractive employer. Under the leadership of Dominik Hahn, these sites were merged into one central recruitment website. This transformation was no easy feat, as Hahn pointed out, due to the historically evolved identities of many country offices. Years of negotiations and compromise were required to unite the entire Group behind the slogan "Let's care for tomorrow." Today, this slogan represents the Allianz employer brand globally. "Even in France," Hahn added with a wink, "although English-language slogans have always been immediately translated there. We've really come a long way with this."