Ambre Nicolle as part of a research group to be supported by the French Ministry of Culture

16 Jan 2019

Last year, the French Ministry of Culture opened a call for research projects on the topic of “Diversity of Consumption of Books, Recorded music and Video”. A group of researchers constituted by Marc Ivaldi (Toulouse School of Economics, France), Ambre Nicolle (ISTO, LMU Munich Germany), Frank Verboven (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Jiekai Zhang (KU Leuven, Belgium) submitted a project named “Recorded Music Consumption in the Digital Era”, which focuses primarily in assessing the impact of digitization on quality and quantity of recorded music consumed in France. Doing so, the project is based on the rigorous estimation of discrete choice models that will allow describing the substitution between traditional and digital channels and comment on the evolution of consumer’s welfare during the last 10 years. The project was selected by the Ministry, which will provide the detailed data necessary for the demand estimation and will be involved in the project through regular meetings with the research team. Contributing to recent academic discussions on the impact of Digitization on the Economy, the team’s work will constitute one of the chapters of the book “Questions de Culture” to be published by the Ministry.

We are eagerly looking forward to the results of the project and are very proud of you, Ambre!