11 Jan
08 Feb

AI Keynote Series Winter Semester 2023/24


11.01.2024 | 18.01.2024 | 08.02.2024

11 January 2024 - 8 February 2024


Online via Zoom

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Thursday 11.01.2024

Guest Speaker: Prof. Victor Veitch, University of Chicago

Presentation: Linear Structure of High-Level Concepts in Text-Controlled Generative Models

Abstract: Text controlled generative models (such as large language models or text-to-image diffusion models) operate by embedding natural language into a vector representation, then using this representation to sample from the model's output space. This talk concerns how high-level semantics are encoded in the algebraic structure of representations. In particular, we look at the idea that such representations are ''linear''---what this means, why such structure emerges, and how it can be used for precision understanding and control of generative models.

Thursday 18.01.2024

Guest Speaker: Prof. Jann Spiess, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Presentation: Machine Learning Who to Nudge: Causal vs Predictive Targeting in a Field Experiment on Student Financial Aid Renewal

Thursday 08.02.2024

Guest Speaker: Prof. Carlos Fernández-Loría, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Presentation: Causal Scoring: A Framework for Effect Estimation, Effect Ordering, and Effect Classification