Master Honors Program

For our high-performing and exceptionally dedicated master's students.

Why do we offer a master honors program?

With our Master Honors Program, we aim to encourage outstanding or exceptionally dedicated students to develop their leadership skills in addition to their professional expertise and to prepare them for a successful career in academia or practice. This is particularly key in today's work landscape, as technological advances, globalization, climate change, and changing business and social models require not only expert supervisors but charismatic leaders who can navigate complex and rapidly changing environments, make intelligent decisions, and lead diverse teams with confidence, even in times of crisis.

Throughout our Master Honors Program, we want to sharpen the (self-)leadership skills of our Honor Students required for this so that they can master these multi-layered challenges as Future Leaders, create value, and advance society.

„For those who create economic value to advance and sustain society,
LMU Munich School of Management is the trusted home

To this end, special events (keynote speeches, workshops, networking events, etc.) are held as part of the 2-semester Master Honors Program, enabling Honor Students to build and strengthen their leadership skills while making valuable contacts for the future.

What are the benefits of participating in the Master Honors Program at LMU Munich School of Management?

  • Inspiring Events: Application-oriented workshops and meetings that encourage discussion, debate, and personal growth are the core of the Master Honors Program
  • Assessing the current situation: The application-oriented events enable Honor Students to become aware of their (previous) leadership competencies and to reflect on them.
  • Leadership Excellence: The Master Honors Program enables students to develop their leadership knowledge and skills at a higher level.
  • Intensive interaction: The dialogue between students and lecturers is promoted and intensified. In addition, students can share ideas with other Honor Students and learn from their experiences.
  • Networking Opportunities: The Master Honors Program also provides networking opportunities with alums and industry professionals. This can lead to valuable career contacts and opportunities.
  • Prestige and Recognition: Upon successfully completing the 2-semester Master Honors Program, Honor Students will receive a certificate and be honored at the academic graduation ceremony.

How can I become an Honor Student?

There are two ways to become part of the Master Honors Program:

  • Through outstanding academic performance: if you belong to the top ten percent of your cohort, we will automatically invite you to the Master Honors Program (prerequisite, you agreed to be contacted when you applied for your Master studies). In this case, you can simply accept the invitation to attend; no additional application is required.
  • By application: You can apply to participate in the Master Honors Program even without an invitation if you distinguish yourself by a significant social, economic, family, or community commitment.

The Master Honors Program is intended for all M.Sc. students (2nd semester or higher) with at least two semesters remaining at the LMU Munich School of Management (SOM).

Please submit the following documents if interested:

- Letter of motivation (length: 300 - 400 words)

- Curriculum vitae

- Proof of all achievements from your Master studies to date (grades report)

Application deadline in the winter term: November 5th

Application deadline in the summer term: May 5th

The application has to be submitted via this registration form

If you have further questions about our Master Honors Program, please get in touch with Professor Dr. Yvette Hofmann at the following email address:

Prof. Dr. Yvette Hofmann
Ludwigstr. 28 VG
80539 München
+49 89 2180-6228