Science is our passion

Our research is driven by the strong desire to conquer the challenges surrounding the recent wave of digitalization. Individuals, companies and society face an increasing abundance of data that allows to create value. We not only want to contribute to the managerial dimension but also to the technologies. Our research thus powers innovative applications in data-driven management.

What AI can do

AI in management: “AI can make predictions but not decisions”.

How companies can use artificial intelligence: An interview with Stefan Feuerriegel.

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Research Impact

Artificial intelligence (AI) facilitates better control of global development aid.

Researchers at LMU Munich and ETH Zurich are using AI to improve and highlight gaps in the global monitoring of development aid projects.

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IT Infrastructure

In collaboration with the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, we operate a Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650v2 GPU Cluster for our research, located in Garching near Munich.

Student Access

In general, we grant access to the GPU Cluster. Interested students of our chair may obtain access via email.