Comprehensive and complex issues from government or corporate entities can be brought to universities as projects.

Research projects within the framework of third-party funding are of central importance for academic institutions. They contribute to expanding capacities and possibilities, achieving research goals, and exerting a positive influence on science, economy, and society. Specifically, third-party funding projects encompass the following aspects:

  • Research funding: Third-party funding projects enable universities to carry out research projects in various fields. These projects contribute to expanding knowledge, solving societal problems, and promoting scientific progress.

  • Financial support: Through third-party funding projects, universities receive additional financial resources that can be used to finance research infrastructure, institute equipment, salaries for researchers and staff, and other associated costs.

  • Collaboration with industry: Third-party funding projects facilitate knowledge transfer, addressing practical issues, and applying scientific findings in practice.

  • Scholarships and support for young researchers: Third-party funding projects can also include funding for scholarships and research positions for doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and young scientists. This promotes the development of young talent and enhances the quality of research at universities.

  • International cooperation: Third-party funding projects provide opportunities for international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and ideas with other research institutions worldwide. This promotes networking, intercultural exchange, and the strengthening of the global research community.

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