We are dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of risk and insurance. Our research focuses include insurance theory, disaster risk and climate risk management, risk classification, insurance fraud, and risk aversion.

Research focus

Our research interests span across a wide range of topics, from insurance theory to practical risk management solutions, and can be broadly divided into three areas:

Research projects

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Munich Risk and Insurance Center


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The Institute has an extensive stock of current and older journals and books from the field of risk management and insurance.

It is not possible to borrow books from the reference collection, but students and members of the university as well as interested parties from the insurance industry can view individual volumes and/or make copies of the material.

Our student assistants offer regular consultation hours during which the collection can be accessed. It is not possible to borrow books for home use. Books (maximum 4) can only be borrowed for copying during opening hours (please bring a valid ID card); unfortunately, there is no copying facility at the institute.

Opening hours

  • Summer semester 2024: Monday, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
  • Deviating dates can be arranged with
  • Please note any deviations in the current announcements.


For further questions, please contact the staff during opening hours, or: