Project Course Innovation Management Winter Term 2021/22

The project course addresses exciting developments in innovation management while bridging the divide between practice and research. Students work with practitioners and research faculty to explore and answer innovation-related challenges using rigorous research methods.

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Quick Info: Master | Seminar | English | Winter Semester | 12 ECTS


Project Course Innovation Management
Institute for Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Jelena Spanjol
Annually changing
Target Group
Final presentation (50%) and written assignment/ project report (50%)
Feeding and Managing the Innovation Pipeline & New Products: From Ideas to Markets (recommended)
Course Material
Slides and mandatory readings online. Relevant literature depends on the focal topic defined with the project partner each semester.
Last time in winter term 2021/22
Application / Participation
Participation ic centrally allocated.
Course Content
The project course “Innovation Management” provides students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life project situations. For the duration of the semester, student teams will work on projects with partner companies (partners in the past: Porsche Consulting, BMW, HDI, Spie, etc.). The project topics focus on innovation management questions.
Course Objective
The goal of the project course is to work scientifically on practitioner questions and learn to translate scientific knowledge into practical contexts and vice versa.
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What is this course about?

Firms developing new products for the B2B setting are faced with the challenge of buyers and users often not being the same person. Having to take both persons into account during product development and roll-out is met with the additional challenge of individual within-group factors affecting adoption. Furthermore, organizational factors that are even harder to assess and manage are moderating firms’ efforts to get the product "right" for, e.g., one buyer persona. Hence, the overarching question in this course is "What are the success factors of a customer journey (adoption and implementation) for digital B2B products?" In this project course, we want to understand how firms can design products to support their adoption and continuous adoption and how individual user factors affect implementation and adaptation.


The goal of this project course is to understand how continuous digital product adoption in the B2B setting can be achieved as well as what role individual user factors play in implementation and adaptation efforts. This requires a synthesis of existing literature in the domains of digital products and (continuous) B2B product adoption in combination with empirical explorations and validations.

How is the course conducted?

The project course will be conducted in cooperation with HDI. Students will work in teams and interact with our partner. The course will be held in English. The grading consists of a written assignment and a presentation. Details will be communicated during the kick-off.


28.10.2021 – 07.03.2022

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