Current Challenges in Innovation Management Winter Term (former Innovating for Organizational, Market, and Societal Impact)

The seminar allows students to conduct a self-driven, structured research project on questions related to current challenges in innovation management.

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Quick Info: Bachelor | Seminar | English | Winter Semester | 6 ECTS


Current Challenges in Innovation Management
Institute for Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Jelena Spanjol
Dr. Marcelo F. de la Cruz
Target Group
Presentation (15 minutes) and seminar paper of 22.200 signs per person. Both examination parts account for 50% of the final seminar grade.
Courses recommended for participating in the seminar (not mandatory): Creating Market Offerings/ Managing the Front End of Innovation

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite to write a Bachelor thesis at our institute (please also see the guidelines for Bachelor Theses on the ISC website).

Course Material
Kick-off slides and recommended readings
Every winter term
Examination guidelines / Attendance
This is a "Hauptseminar" for which seats are allocated centrally through the faculty's Hauptseminaranmeldung.

The attendance at all sessions (even on days when you are not scheduled to present) is mandatory.

Per examination guidelines, your attendance at the kick-off session makes your participation in the seminar binding
Course content
Innovation is a top strategic priority across firms. In this context, firms face a variety of challenges related to how innovation initiatives can be organized and managed in different settings. Moreover, firms are challenged by the emergence of new technologies and the impact that innovations might have on the organization itself, the market in which firms operate but also the wider society and environment. Hence, companies wrestle with questions such as: how to organize the innovation function, how to manage multidisciplinary teams involved in innovation, how generative AI can contribute to innovativeness or what the societal impact of innovation is. Further details will be shared with the participating students via email and during the kick-off.
Course objective
The purpose of this seminar is to provide bachelor students with the opportunity to conduct a self-driven, structured research project on a topic that is shaping innovation management and research today. Participants will learn to conduct a deep-dive into a specific phenomenon, understand theoretical underpinnings, and extract practical implications. Students will be coached in conducting a literature review and synthesis, writing a scientific paper, and presenting the findings. This seminar also serves as a preparation for students who are interested in writing a bachelor thesis on topics related to innovation.
Exam registration
Details will be provided during the kickoff.
Cancellation of registration
Details will be provided during the kickoff.

International Students

A limited number of seats is available for international students. Interested exchange students are welcome to apply for the seminar until October 7th, 2024 (16:00). Please send your application (CV, transcript of grades and motivation letter including your experience in team work and scientific writing) to

Students will be informed of their application status via email no later than October 11th, 2024.