Special Issue Call for Papers on Utopias-Dystopias

26 Jul 2023

A Call for Papers for a special issue in Organization Studies on Utopias-Dystopias as sources of organizations and organizing was published. The special issue is co-edited by Paolo Quattrone, Renate Meyer, Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Ali A. Gümüsay, Michael Lounsbury and Marc J. Ventresca. The Call for Papers follows the OS workshop that was conducted in Greece in May. There is also a related AOM symposium on "Utopias, Dystopias & Organizational Imaginaries: Organization Studies in a Brave New World” with Andy Hoffman, Lara Monticelli, Paolo Quattrone, Juliane Reinecke, Garima Sharma, and Charlene Zietsma. The session is moderated by Ali A. Gümüsay, Jonas Spengler, Eva-Maria Spreitzer and Matthias Wenzel.