Doctorate at the Institut for Electronic Commerce und Digital Markets:

Are you interested in pursuing a doctorate at our institute? The following information will help answer some of your initial questions.

Working at the Institute for Electronic Commerce und Digitale Markets: PhD Candidate and Research Assistant (m/f/d)

Our goal is to conduct internationally competitive cutting-edge research as part of a doctoral program. During your doctoral studies at our institute, you will receive optimal support. At least one subproject of your cumulative dissertation should have the potential to be published in a leading journal. Since this is associated with a significant amount of time, you should expect a minimum doctoral period of three years. A doctorate at the institute serves as a foundation for a national or international career in either academia or industry. Former graduates have held top positions in both industry (e.g., Amazon, Burda) and academia (e.g., Fordham University New York, DHBW).

Situated at the intersection of business informatics and marketing, we focus on the quantification and forecasting of the impact of digital technologies (e.g., mobile devices, Internet of Things) and digital business models (e.g., multi-sided markets, sharing models) on consumers, businesses, and markets. Our research areas reflect diverse opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research with practical relevance. Therefore, we regularly collaborate with companies from various industries (e.g., Telefonica, Germanwings, and ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE). Furthermore, our publications can be found in top international journals such as Management Science, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing, and MIS Quarterly. An overview of our publications can be found here. Having initial experience and an interest in topics related to marketing, market research, digital business models, digitization, and business informatics is advantageous.

Methodologically, we work empirically and experimentally. Therefore, you should have an affinity for empirical methods (statistics and econometrics). We work with large datasets or develop our own experiments. Having initial experience with statistical software (STATA or R) and programming (e.g., Java or Python) is advantageous. Generally, IT proficiency is welcomed.

Before publication, we regularly present our research projects in colloquia and at international conferences. These serve both to obtain valuable feedback and to connect with the scientific community. We have numerous collaborations with leading national institutions (e.g., Goethe University Frankfurt, TU Darmstadt, and University of Cologne) and international institutions (e.g., New York University, University of Alberta, University of California, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv University). Our doctoral students collaborate on research projects with researchers from these institutions, and there is also the opportunity for research stays abroad.

One advantage of pursuing a doctorate at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich is the doctoral program implemented within the Master of Business Research framework. This program focuses on imparting various research methods. Additionally, interdisciplinary exchange and personal development through Scientific Citizenship are essential components. Therefore, the Master of Business Research is an integral part of the doctoral training at the Faculty of Business Administration of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Further information can be found here.

In addition to our own research, teaching also plays a significant role for us. We aim to impart applied knowledge in the fields of Electronic Commerce and digital markets. Therefore, the responsibilities of our doctoral students also include supervising lectures, exercises, seminars, project courses with industry partners, and final theses.

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