since November 2018: Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate, Institute of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets

2018: Master of Science in Business Administration, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

2017: Semester abroad, Wayne State University, Detroit

2015: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Professional Career: Bain & Company Private Equity Group Working Student (2016-2018), Bain & Company Case Team Support Working Student (2014-2016), BMW Product Management Intern (2014), Hermès Retail Controlling Working Student (2012-2014)


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in E-Commerce and Stationary Retail

Corporate Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Bachelor Seminar \\"Digital Retail\\" (ST 2019) Information Systems (WT 2018/2019)

Master Empirical Seminar \\"Data Analytics\\" and STATA Workshops (ST 2020, ST 2021, ST 2022)

Project Course \\"Electronic Commerce\\" (ST 2019, ST 2020, ST 2021, ST 2022) Electronic Markets (WT 2019/2020, WT 2020/2021, WT 2021/2022, WT 2022/2023)