Electronic Commerce

The bachelor course "Electronic Commerce" offers an introduction to relevant topics of online commerce and marketing. Network analysis, recommendation systems and digital advertising are a selection of the topics covered.


Sommer Semester 2024
4 (lecture + tutorial)
Exam (120 Min.)
Digital Business


The Electronic Commerce lecture is designed to teach the basics of marketing products through digital media. The first part of the course covers the topics of business models, social networks and social media as well as customer management. The second part focuses on the use of marketing tools in electronic commerce. Selected topics of product policy (recommendation systems, customer integration), pricing policy (static and dynamic pricing models), communication policy (online advertising and search engine marketing) and distribution policy are also covered.

Course Organization


  • Monday, Start: 15.04.2024
  • Time: 14:00-16:00 c.t.
  • Room: Prof.-Huber-Platz 2, Lehrturm, W 101
  • Course Material (Skript)
  • Forum


  • Wednesday and Thursday, Start: 15.05.2024
  • Time: 16:00-18:00 c.t.
  • Room: HGB E 216
  • Slides for the tutorial
  • Forum

    The same content is covered in the Wednesday and Thursday exercises. Attending one of the two sessions is sufficient.

The course organization will be handled on Moodle

The enrolment key required for this will be stored in good time in the LSF for both the lecture "Electronic Commerce" and the exercise "Electronic Commerce" and will enable you to access the Moodle course.Further information on the course can be found on Moodle.

Coordination and Contact

Should you have questions regarding this course please contact Eva Pflanzer

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