Digital Advertising & Privacy

On average, each user possesses two or even more internet-capable devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, smart TV...), and the majority of internet users surf via mobile devices. As a result of this shift in user behavior, advertising companies are increasingly investing in digital and especially mobile advertising to reach their customers effectively. Digital advertising not only allows for improved performance tracking by measuring customer reactions to ads (tracking) but also enables targeted customer engagement based on online preferences and location-based information (targeting).

In the scope of our research, we are particularly interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities that the altered usage patterns present to businesses (advertisers and publishers). Using experimental and quantitative-empirical methods, we aim to generate insights into timely, location-based, and context-specific customer engagement, advertising effectiveness measurement, and ad design.

In the realm of privacy, we delve into perception, behavior, and solutions related to the collection and protection of consumer data. Additionally, we investigate the effects of transparency, i.e., the quantity and quality of provided information, on consumer decision-making processes.

  • Multichannel Advertising
  • Second Screen
  • Targeting
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Privacy
  • Transparency

  • Internet Business Cluster (IBC) e.V.

  • Internet Business Cluster (IBC)
  • DFG


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Johanna Verenkotte, M.Sc.

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