Graduate at DMM

Five things make a doctorate at the Institute for Digital Management and New Media (DMM) at LMU Munich particularly attractive. We will be happy to explain all the details to you in advance in a personal meeting.

Fact 1: Current and relevant topics


Doctoral projects at the DMM are consistently concerned with the use of digital technologies by companies, with digital technology drivers always taking center stage.

The spectrum of topics ranges from new forms of organization and management of the digitization process to change in products and other parts of the value chain. Affinity for digital technologies is important. However, it is not usually a matter of implementing software solutions.

Our self-image is also characterized by an interdisciplinary view of many topics, which means that we also realize interdisciplinary collaborations.

Fact 2: We offer you attractive conditions


The overall package of a doctorate at the DMM includes 100% employment as a research assistant/research fellow for three years, completion of the MBR doctoral program, involvement in teaching and administration, and a stay abroad. In addition to your research activities, you will gain practical experience and an additional master's degree ("Master of Business Research"). Due to the practical component, you qualify for a doctorate at the DMM not only through your academic achievements, but also through practical experience and personal motivation.

In addition, the DMM covers a wide range of research topics due to its large team, which means that personal interests can definitely be pursued as well.

Fact 3: International publication and conferences


The core of a doctorate at the DMM are scientific articles on a specific phenomenon, which cumulatively flow into your dissertation project. These articles are produced at the DMM step by step and embedded in a close exchange with a large team with profitable discussions and intensive supervision within a thematically appropriate research group.

Among other things, these articles also enable international conference travel or can be produced as part of a research stay with one of our international partners.

Fact 4: Opening doors in academia and practice


A doctorate qualifies you for a challenging job, both in academia and in practice. According to our understanding at the DMM, it is only towards the end of the time as a doctoral student that it becomes clear individually which path is the more suitable for you.

The positioning of the DMM as an institute that is internationally visible in research and at the same time widely recognized in management practice also fits in with this.

Fact 5: Embedding in an established network


The DMM now has a large network of alumni, both in academia and in practice. This alumni network includes established professors as well as leading managers, successful founders and managing partners of consultancies, both in Germany and abroad.

During your doctoral studies, you will always come into contact with this network. We support you after your doctorate in finding your way into your desired career field.

Interested? Please get in touch with us...

Please send your comprehensive application by e-mail directly to Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess, who will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.