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Gierlich-Joas, M.; Baiyere, A.; Hess, T. (2024) Inverse Transparency and the Quest for Empowerment through the Design of Digital Workplace Technologies, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, JAIS Preprints (Forthcoming). 131.

Lehrer, C.; Constantiou, I.; Matt, C.; Hess, T. (2023)How ephemerality features affect user engagement with social media platforms, MIS Quarterly (47:4), pp. 1663-1678

Hess, T. (2022)Managing the digital transformation. A guide to successful organizational change, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.

Chanias, S.; Myers, M.; Hess, T. (2019)Digital transformation strategy making in pre-digital organizations: The case of a financial services provider, Journal of Strategic Information Systems (28:1), pp. 17-33

Singh, A.; Hess, T. (2017) How Chief Digital Officers Promote the Digital Transformation of Their Companies, MIS Quarterly Executive (16:1), pp. 1-17

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