AI Keynote Series 11 Jan -08 Feb 2024

18 Jul 2024

Dive into the Future of AI in Management with LMU Munich

Join us for a groundbreaking exploration into the world of Artificial Intelligence in Management, hosted by the Institute of AI in Management at LMU Munich. Immerse yourself in the latest research and insights delivered by esteemed scientists worldwide, with captivating keynotes each semester. These sessions offer 45-60 minutes of cutting-edge presentations, followed by interactive discussions, valuable feedback, and Q&A. Whether you're a seasoned professional, student, or tech enthusiast, mark your calendars for an unparalleled journey into the future of AI in Management.

The last session will take place on 8.2.2024 by Prof. Carlos Fernández-Loría from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with the presentation of 'Causal Scoring: A Framework for Effect Estimation, Effect Ordering, and Effect Classification'.

Please see the full schedule, topics and the Zoom link here