Master courses

In contrast to seminars, there is no limit to the number of participants and no obligation to register for lectures.

Winter semester 2023/2024

L=Lecture, E=Exercise, T=Tutorium, PS=Pro seminar, MS=Main seminar, PC=Project course
Subject-specific basicsL Prof. Dr. Susanne Weber92 hrs.
Subject-specific basics - Exercise
= TmP I & SPS (Theory meets Practice & School practical studies)
StD Dipl.-Hdl. Anton Schicker

Mona Off, M.Sc.
Project Course II:

Human Resource Education and Management
PC Prof. Dr. Susanne Weber

Chiara Birk, MBR

Lisa Matuschek, M.Sc.
WP9/39: Structures of Human Resource Development:

Advanced Human Resource Development
L+E Prof. Dr. Samuel Mühlemann

Mahdi Gholami, M.Ed.
WP10/40: Human Resource Development in International Contexts:

Human Resource Development: A Global Perspective
S Stefanie Zarnow, MBR6blocked
WP11/41: Current challenges of business education:

How to VIDEOCLIP - Presenting learning objects using video clips
PS Dipl.-Hdl. Tobias Hilz, StR

Prof. Dr. Susanne Weber

Template for the project plan

Project plan (PDF, 81 KB) (Status: 20.04.2022)
Please submit the project plan electronically (with signature) to the lecturer by e-mail according to the advance notice or LSF by the deadline.
Note: The project plan is the first part of the work you do in your seminar. If it is not received by the Institute for Business and Human Resource Education by the deadline, you will irrevocably withdraw from your place in the seminar. If you do not provide all other seminar performances according to the project plan, the seminar is considered failed with an overall grade of 5.0. Withdrawal after the cut-off deadline for submission of the project plan is excluded.