Get together with WTS after successful accounting exam

1 Jun 2023

Students with outstanding results in GOP accounting exam invited to get together with institute members and practice partners from WTS at the StuCafè

WTS Partner Dominik Lipp opens the event

Studying is not easy. Especially in the first semester, first-year students have to deal with a lot: a new city, a new apartment, a new environment and, of course, the adjustment to everything the university demands of you. That can get on top of you.

From the student's point of view, it is particularly uncomfortable when the basic and orientation examinations, or GOP for short, are also due.

Students should or must pass these exams at the first attempt, or at the latest at the second attempt, in order to be able to continue their studies. One such exam is the course Introduction to Management Accounting, which is supervised by Prof. Dr. Deborah Schanz and her research assistants Felix Siegel, Simon Harst and Stefan Baaken. It consists of a technical part, in which mainly accounting is taught, and a second part, which deals with external and internal accounting. Bookkeeping, annual financial statements and cost accounting. Quite a lot going on in one course.

So it's all the nicer - both for the lecturers and for the students - when you can put a checkmark behind this hurdle by successfully completing the exam and dedicate yourself to new challenges. And it is especially nice when you have completed the exam with outstanding success.

Together with the practice partner WTS Group AG, which offers nationwide tax and legal consulting, all these students were invited for this reason in June 2023 to once again honor their achievements. WTS partner Dominik Lipp and his staff, in cooperation with the Institute of Business Taxation, invited everyone to the StuCafé Adalbertstraße for pizza and cold drinks to congratulate everyone once again and to give the students the opportunity to learn more about a career in tax consulting. In the process, students were able to take advantage of the opportunity to network with each other as well.

It was an event that was very well received by the students, as the faculty heard several times that evening. And in this nice atmosphere, the GOP exam was then far away again at the end of the evening.